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8th IOBC-WPRS Working Group Meeting

Landscape management for functional biodiversity

Wednesday 27 - Friday 29 March 2019, Wageningen, the Netherlands

Deadline for submission of papers is 18 January 2019


  Felix Bianchi, Wageningen University, the Netherlands Paul van Rijn, University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  Claudius van de Vijver, Graduate School PE&RC, the Netherlands Bärbel Gerowitt, University of Rostock, Germany
  Lennart SuselbeekGraduate School PE&RC, the Netherlands Graham Begg, the James Hutton Institute, United Kingdom
Aims of the meeting and scientific programme

There is ongoing debate about the future of agriculture. While intensive management practices, including the use of synthetic pesticide applications, are standard practice in conventional farming systems, their undesirable side effects are increasingly recognized. There is public concern about the decline of pollinator populations, neonicotinoid insecticides and glyphosate herbicides are under scrutiny, and the EU has launched greening measures to mitigate negative impacts of intensive management practices on farmland biodiversity. There is growing momentum for a transition towards more ecologically-based pest management, but there remain still many scientific challenges.

The aim of the meeting is to bring together the latest insights on current topics in landscape management for functional biodiversity, including the management for multiple ecosystem services, the identification of promising crop and non-crop management options to support biodiversity-based pest management, and initiatives to meet the challenge to halt the ongoing decline of important farmland species. Promising areas for future research will be identified.


Registration and welcome drinks are scheduled for the evening of Tuesday 26 March (starting around 20:00 hrs). Wednesday 27th, Thursday 28th and Friday 29th are days for oral presentations, poster sessions and discussions. On Thursday afternoon there will be an excursion followed by a conference dinner. The programme ends on Friday 29th at 13:30 after lunch.

Bugs at your Service Postgraduate Course - 31 March - 5 April 2019

bee-flowerWe are organising an in-depth postgraduate course aimed at PhD candidates, postdocs, and academic staff in connection with this IOBC-WPRS working group meeting. This course will run from Sunday evening 31 March until Friday 5 April 2019. In this course we will provide an overview of concepts and tools that can contribute to the design of multifunctional landscapes that are better suited to capitalize on ecosystem services in conjunction with other land use functions. The focus of the course will be on:

  1. Consumer-resource interactions underlying pollination and biocontrol services;
  2. The spatial ecology of pollinators and natural enemies;
  3. The impact of pest management practices on arthropod-mediated ecosystem services;
  4. The design of multifunctional landscapes that support arthropod-mediated ecosystem services as well as other land use functions

Aside from updating and deepening your scientific knowledge, this course also offers an excellent opportunity to broaden your network and to interact with world-class scientists in the field! More information about this course, as well as a link to register your participation, can be found here.

Conference venue

The Symposium will be held at Hotel De Wageningsche Berg, Wageningen, The Netherlands. The venue is located in a beautiful forested area overlooking the river Rhine, yet close to the centre of Wageningen and Wageningen University campus.

Accommodation and travel

We are pleased to be able to offer a competitive rate of € 85,- per night (including breakfast) for your stay at the conference venue "Hotel De Wageningsche Berg". To make use of this special offer, please indicate in your booking with the hotel that you will be staying with them because of your participation in the IOBC-WPRS meeting. Of course, there are other optoins for your stay in or around Wageningen too. For information on B&B's and hotels in and around Wageningen, please visit Another option is Short Stay Wageningen. Furthermore Airbnb offers several rooms in the area. Do note, however, that the conference venue is not actually located in the city centre of Wageningen, but a short distance away from the city, nicely situated on top of the glacial uplift just east of Wageningen. To help you with your stay in the city, we also suggest you have a look at the brochure "A Taste of Wageningen".

Submission of papers

The IOBC-WPRS Bulletin publishes papers presented during IOBC-WPRS Working Group Meetings. Paper submission is mandatory to be invited for giving an oral presentation or presenting a poster. Papers should be clear, concise, written in English, and should be limited to 4 pages maximum, including tables and graphs. In order to allow good and uniform reproduction, all manuscripts must be submitted in MS Word format (.docx) and subject to a light review. All full papers will be published in an electronic pdf issue of the IOBC-Bulletin. Papers should be submitted via an online submission form, which can be found here.

Conference Fees 1
IOBC members and PhD candidates 3 € 350,- € 400,-
All others 3 € 500,- € 550,-

1 The conference fee includes:

  • Admission to all scientific sessions;
  • Welcome drinks on Tuesday 26 March;
  • A PDF of the IOBC Bulletin;
  • Coffee/tea breaks and lunches throughout the conference;
  • Dinner on Wednesday and Thursday (a conference dinner and a buffet dinner);
  • A guided excursion in the region

2 The Early-Bird Fee applies to anyone who REGISTERS ON OR BEFORE 1 MARCH 2019
3 The Graduate School PE&RC offers a subsidy for its members to participate in this meeting. Thus, if you are a PE&RC member (PhD, postdoc, or academic staff), and you wish to participate in this conference, please contact our office at

  • If you need an invoice to complete your payment, please send an email to, including ALL relevant details that should be mentioned on the invoice (e.g., purchase order no., specific addresses, attendees, etc.).
  • Please make sure that your payment, if applicable, is arranged within two weeks after your registration.
  • It is the participant's responsibility to make sure that he/she (or his/her secretary) completes the payment correctly and in time.
Cancellation Conditions
  • Up to 2 (two) weeks prior to the start of the event, cancellation is free of charge.
  • Up to 1 (one) week prior to the start of the event, a fee of € 275,- will be charged.
  • In case of cancellation within one week prior to the start of the event, a fee of € 350,- will be charged.
  • If you do not show at all without informing us prior to the event, a fee of € 500,- will nevertheless be charged.

Note: If you would like to cancel your registration, ALWAYS inform us!

More information

Dr Felix Bianchi
Phone: +31 317 481197

Dr Lennart Suselbeek
Phone: +31 317 485426


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