PE&RC Day 2018 - The Social Network of Nature

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PE&RC Day 2018

The Social Network of Nature

Thursday 8 November 2018, Turingzaal, Amsterdam Congress Centre, Amsterdam Science Park

Annual symposium organized by the PE&RC PhD Council (PPC) for all PE&RC members


PD2018Human social networks are currently more visible than ever due to the existence of social media. Yet social networks are not a human invention; they exist all around us in nature. From plants that use a thread-like fungus to warn each other about predators, to coral reefs that form sustainable recycling systems; in all natural systems organisms share information and resources to their own benefit and that of the network. On the PE&RC day 2018 we would like you to meet the scientists who discover and unravel the connections in nature’s social networks. We will take a look into the amazing functionality and connectivity of these natural networks and how we can learn from them to optimise our own man-made networks.


The complete programme will follow later, but we are very happy to already have six wonderful speakers lined up for you! They will each give their own perspective on the social networks of nature, something we humans form quite easily nowadays with our technology. Yet social networks are something very natural, that has existed since long before we created technology. During the 2018 PE&RC day on November 8th we will explore how these function within a wide range of ecosystems and organisms. Interested in who our speakers are? Or what they will talk about? Then keep an eye out for the PE&RC messages. Or follow us on Twitter (@PEandRC) and Facebook (, where we will place our speakers in the spotlight regularly!

PE&RC Call for Institutional Collaboration

PE&RC has initiated a new call to stimulate collaboration between Wageningen University and the other PE&RC partner institutes via short joint PhD and/or postdoc projects. Through this call, short collaborative projects of a few months can be funded. The interesting thing about this call is that the projects that are ultimately funded, are selected by the PE&RC community. The first step of the selection procedure is that a special PE&RC committee selects up to 6 submissions of pre-proposals. The applicants of these 6 pre-proposal submissions are invited to pitch their proposal during a plenary session of the PE&RC Day. Accordingly, the audience of the PE&RC Day will be allowed to vote for their favourite projects. The three most favourite projects, as determined by the audience, will receive the funding. All details about this new call, including the eligibility criteria, submission procedure, and selection procedure can be found here.

PE&RC Picture Awards

Based on the great success of previous PE&RC day editions we decided to again organize a Picture Award ceremony! To give everybody a chance at winning we divided the competition into three categories: 1) thesis cover, 2) fieldwork, 3) labwork & modeling. The announcement is purposely early, so everybody still has time to make that one beautiful/meaningful/weird/tear-jerking picture of your PhD work. Show us what you’ve got! You can now submit your pictures for the competition here. This is also the place to find all the relevant details about the competition!

General information
Target Group The annual PE&RC day is meant for all PE&RC PhDs, postdocs and staff members, but non-PE&RC members are also warmly welcomed!
Event duration 1 day
Number of credits 0.3 ECTS
Location Turingzaal, Amsterdam Science Park Congress Centre, University of Amsterdam, Science Park 123, 1098 XG Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Transportation For PE&RC members residing in Wageningen, we will arrange a bus to transport them to and from the venue in Amsterdam (only when you join the dinner). For those PE&RC members that are coming from Utrecht or Leiden, a financial compensation to go to Amsterdam and back (only for those joining the full day, including dinner) will be arranged. Please indicate in the registration form whether you would like to join the bus.


Fees 1
PE&RC members Free of Charge € 25,-
All others € 25,- € 50,-

1 The course fee includes a programme, coffee/tea, lunch, and drinks

  • If you need an invoice to complete your payment, please send an email to, including ALL relevant details that should be mentioned on the invoice (e.g., purchase order no., specific addresses, attendees, etc.).
  • Please make sure that your payment, if applicable, is arranged within two weeks after your registration, or indicate in the registration form that you will pay in cash on the day itself.
  • It is the participant's responsibility to make sure that he/she (or his/her secretary) completes the payment correctly and in time.
PE&RC Cancellation Conditions
  • Up to 2 (two) weeks prior to the start of the event, cancellation is free of charge.
  • Up to 1 (one) week prior to the start of the event, a fee of € 10,- will be charged.
  • In case of cancellation within one week prior to the start of the event, a fee of € 25,- will be charged.
  • If you do not show at all without informing us prior to the event, a fee of € 50,- will nevertheless be charged.

Note: If you would like to cancel your registration, ALWAYS inform us (and do note that you will be kept to the cancellation conditions)


The annual PE&RC Day is organised by the PE&RC PhD Council (PPC), with the assistance of Claudius van de Vijver, Lennart Suselbeek, and Amber Heijboer (PE&RC). More details about the PPC can be found here.

More information

Dr Lennart Suselbeek (PE&RC)
Phone: +31 (0) 317 485426


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