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The Anthropocene biosphere - transforming for sustainable future

Winner of Dr A.H. Heineken Prize for Environmental Sciences: Carl Folke

Tuesday 27 September 2022

Symposium - Room C0222, Forum Building, Wageningen University Campus



Picture Carl-Folke.jpgCarl Folke is the 2022 winner of the Dr. A.H. Heineken Prize Environmental Sciences. He is receiving the Prize for his problem-oriented work on complex systems, showing that transdisciplinary approaches are needed in order to find solutions for our way of over-exploiting the World’s resources. He has literally brought science to policy to produce knowledge and understanding, and use that knowledge to create solutions for a more sustainable societal development. He started out as an ecologist, but soon realized that humans and nature form an intertwined complex system, and that studying the two separately makes little sense if we want to understand ecosystems, and if we want to change course to reach more sustainable futures for humanity. This insight has led him to produce a new conceptual framework for social-ecological systems that has become very influential not only in the fields of ecology and sustainability, but also for many aspects of global policy. He created the well-known Stockholm Resilience Center and several other broad initiatives for scientists from very different disciplines to collaborate in ways that have shaped the modern field of sustainability science, including the foundation for hugely influential concepts such as the ecological footprint and planetary boundaries.

In his presentation, Carl Folke will summarize the new playing field humanity is in and give examples of how we have worked with change makers shifting agency and action towards biosphere stewardship. 

Masterclass for PhD's and Postdoc's
Carl Folke together with Marten Scheffer and Wim van der Putten, will also give a Masterclass for PhD’s and postdocs. Information and registration for this Masterclass can be found here.  


15.30 – 16:00h

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16:00 – 17:00h

Symposium: The Anthropocene biosphere - transforming for sustainable futures
Carl Folke, director of the Beijer Institute for Ecological Economics and founder and chair of the board of the Stockholm Resilience Centre

17:00 – 18:00h


Location Wageningen Campus, Forum building, room C0222
All participants Free of charge
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