Wageningen Graduate Schools (WGS) Postdoc Talent Programme - Call for proposals 2019

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Wageningen Graduate Schools (WGS) Postdoc Talent Programme - Call for proposals 2019

The Postdoc Talent Programme offers talented researchers from abroad the opportunity to start a career at Wageningen University & Research. Applications should demonstrate the added value of the grant for the applicant’s career and the value of the applicant’s expertise for Wageningen UR.

What can be applied for?

Talented eligible researchers can apply for a two-year position within one of the Wageningen University research groups. The position may result in an application for personal funding. The grant consists of € 68,000 per year to be spent on salary costs for two years full-time employment for the applicant of which € 16,000 per year must be covered by the research group involved.

Applications should include a recommendation letter from the chair holder at Wageningen University to explain how the applicant’s expertise will be of value to Wageningen UR. The letter must also show the commitment of the group to co-fund this project. Wageningen Graduate Schools will select the best 4-5 applications on the basis of the selection criteria. Because of the limited number of fellowships available, there is a maximum of one application per chair group/chair holder.

Submit your application (application form + chair holder’s recommendation letter) electronically to Ingrid.Vleghels@wur.nl with a copy to the host chair holder and the Executive Secretary of the chair holder’s graduate school (for PE&RC: Theo Jetten, Theo.Jetten@wur.nl). Please find the application form enclosed.

Who can apply?

The applicant is a postgraduate who:

  • Has a PhD degree from a Dutch or non-Dutch university;
  • Currently works outside the Netherlands;
  • Has a competitive CV suitable for applying for prestigious personal grants;
  • Has international experience for at least two years.

Please contact Ingrid Vleghels (ingrid.vleghels@wur.nl) to check eligibility before writing the proposal.


The deadline for application is 1 June 2019.

Selection Criteria
  1. Quality of the applicant
  2. Quality of the proposal
  3. Scientific or societal impact

Criteria will be weighed equally.

Procedure and timeline

Deadline for application: June 1, 2019
Awarding of grants: July 2019
Projects should start within 6 months after granting of the proposal (January 2020 at the latest).