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Breeding for diversity
Opportunities and challenges

Wednesday 30 October 2019

Wageningen Campus


Crop diversification by use of mixtures of species or genotypes is a key strategy towards building sustainable agricultural systems. The ecological benefits of diverse crop systems are clearly recognised, but it is not known which traits plants should have to maximize these benefits. This is because genotypes that have been bred to perform best in monocultures may not be optimal for mixtures. Therefore, in this workshop we aim to discuss the opportunities and challenges in determining desirable plant traits, including traits that relate to collaboration with soil microbes, and the hurdles in developing breeding programs for plant mixtures. Ultimately the goal will be to define a research agenda for the coming years paving the way for successful breeding for diversity.

The intended audience for this workshop is anyone with an interest in sustainable agriculture, plant-soil interactions, plant breeding and plant modelling. Participation in this workshop is free of charge and includes coffee/tea, lunch and drinks at the end.

For now, please save the date if you are interested in joining this free workshop (comprising both presentations and interactive discussion groups), and leave your contact details behind here below, so we can contact you as soon as the official registration form has become available.


This will be a full day event, most likely starting with registration of attendance between 9:30 a.m. and 10:00 a.m., and finishing with drinks at the end of the afternoon. More details about the programme and the official registration form will follow later, but you can already indicate your interest for joining this event by filling in the form below.


This workshop will be free of charge, open to all, and aimed at anyone with an interest in sustainable agriculture, plant-soil interactions, plant breeding and plant modelling. Registration is necessary. Participation in the symposium includes coffee/tea breaks, lunch, and drinks at the end of the day.


This workshop is organised by Dr Guusje Bonnema and Dr Peter Bourke of Plant Breeding, Dr Jochem Evers of the Centre for Crop Systems Analysis, Prof.dr Thom Kuijper of Soil Biology, and Prof.dr Liesje Mommer of Plant Ecology & Nature Conservation. All organisers are affiliated to Wageningen University & Research.

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Jochem Evers / Peter Bourke
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Lennart Suselbeek (Graduate School PE&RC)
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