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Dear PE&RC PhDs, 

We are the Career Committee of the PE&RC PhD Council (PPC) and we want you, fellow PE&RC PhD candidates, to think of the different options for your life after your PhD. We would like to organize company visits involving various fields to present you career options outside academia. You will get introduced to the work in an industrial setting, have a chance to expand your professional network and create potential opportunities for your future career.
In order to match, as much as possible, your field of interests with our choice of companies, we created the following survey.
We would really appreciate you to take a 5 minutes break with a nice cup of coffee (optional) to fill in the survey, thus helping us to prepare our first on site Career Event! 

Thank you in advance for your help and looking forward to our first event.

All the best,
The PPC Career Committee team,
Ali, Ying, Francesco, Nathalie and Anneloes

Personal details
Company visits

The Career Committee wants to start organising company visits. In these visits you have the chance to really feel the atmosphere in a company and get to know the people that work there.  

Would you be interested in joining company visits organised by Career Committee?


In which period the visits could best fit your agenda? (more answers possible)


What would be your preferred duration of the visit? (including travel, more answers possible)


We might not always be able to organise pick-up from every institute. How far are you willing to travel to a pick-up point?


Are you willing to contribute to part of the travel expences?

Possible companies to visit

Would you be interested to visit the following companies? (more answers possible)

General questions