Root Ecology (January 2020) - Evaluation form

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Evaluation Form

Root Ecology

The organisers ask you to fill in this evaluation form of the course. The information is used to check and improve the quality of our courses. Please give your score for the questions / issues listed below on a scale from 1-5 (1= bad, not at all. 5 = excellent, very much so). If needed, please fill in comments and suggestions in the designated text fields.

Personal details
General questions
Was your starting level appropriate for the course? *
Did the course meet your expectations based on the information? *
Was the level and pace at which the course was given OK? *
General questions about the lectures
Were the lectures well structured and clear? *
Were the lectures of appropriate level (in depth and overview)? *
Did you appreciate the topics that were treated? *
Was there enough room for discussion after the lectures? *
Were the discussions stimulating and fruitful? *
Did you get the opportunity to discuss your own work with the experts present? *
General score for the lecture sessions *
Comments on the lectures
Questions about the group work assignment
Did you appreciate the set-up of the group work sessions? *
Did the group-work reveal new, relevant issues on the topic at stake? *
How would you value the Friday group presentations? *
What would be your overall score for the Group Work Assignment? *
Comments on the group work assignment
Questions about the facilities and catering
How would you rate the quality of the lecture room? *
How would you rate the quality of the sleeping facilities? *
How would you rate the catering? *
How would you rate the location in general (all aspects combined)? *
Comments on the facilities and catering
Overall questions about the course
Do you think this course was beneficial to you? *
How would you rate the excursion on Wednesday? *
What is your overall rating of the course? *
What would you like to keep in the programme?
What would you like to change in the programme?