PE&RC First years online event - 22 April 2021

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PE&RC First years online event

Thursday 22 April 2021


Because the PE&RC PhD weekend from 22 - 24 April 2021 has been canceled due to the current pandemic, we organise an online First Years event. The idea of this gathering is to make PhD candidates more familiar with what to expect during the PhD track and how to avoid major catastrophes and disappointments. Focus will be on the PhD process and pitfalls you can encounter along the way as well as the criteria for a successful PhD within 4 years. Furthermore you will be informed about the PhD Programme itself and the role that the Graduate School plays as a process facilitator. Finally, the event will help you to get to know fellow PhDs and learn from them how they tackle issues. In this way PhDs will be able to identify themselves within a larger group of PhDs who they can turn to in the future. The event is free of charge for PE&RC candidates. 

We realise that this event cannot replace the on-site PE&RC weekends. As soon as the situation allows, we will organise on-site weekends again. If it still suits your schedule, you are more than welcome and even encouraged to join an on-site weekend even if you have joined the online Fist Years event. 


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