PE&RC call for institutional collaboration 2022

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In 2018, PE&RC initiated a call to stimulate collaboration between PE&RC members of Wageningen University and PE&RC members of other institutes via joint short-term PhD and/or postdoc projects. After three successful years, the call is set out again for 2022. To this end we invite academic staff members of PE&RC to submit a proposal for institutional collaboration within PE&RC.

Eligibility criteria
  • Applications must be submitted by at least 2 PE&RC registered staff members from at least 2 PE&RC institutes being: WUR-ESG, WUR-PSG, WUR-ASG, UVA-IBED, VU-ES, UU-E&B, NIOO, NATURALIS, and RADBOUD-IWWR.
  • One of the applicants must be affiliated to Wageningen University as funds are provided by Wageningen University.
  • Funds are meant for short-term PhD and/or postdoc projects. The project can be executed by 1 or 2 PhD candidates, 1 postdoc, or a PhD-Postdoc collaboration. In case of PhD projects, the application should involve work on a new project that is not part of the original PhD proposal. The outcome of this work may of course be included in the PhD thesis.
  • Funds cover gross salary costs (postdoc max. scale 11.5) plus and approximately 35% overhead.
  • Appointment of PhD(s) and/or postdoc(s) has to be at Wageningen University as the call is funded by Wageningen University strategic funds. However, research activities may be performed at non-WUR PE&RC institutes.
  • The maximum months to be funded depends on the requested appointment:
    • PhD project: 4 months
    • PhD-PhD project: 2 months each
    • Postdoc: 3 months
    • Postdoc-PhD: 1 month postdoc and 2 months PhD
  • In total, 3 projects will be funded.
  • Funded projects will have to be completed before 1 November 2023. Funds will be allocated to the group(s) involved in 2022.
  • Upon completion awardees are required to submit a short project report (max 2 pages) and to present their findings in the next edition of the PE&RC day.
Submission of pre-proposals

Applicants are invited to submit a proposal that includes:

  • Title;
  • Focus and aim of the project (max. 250 words);
  • Relevance given the PE&RC mission (Understanding the functioning of natural and managed ecosystems to improve the quality of life) (max. 150 words);
  • The manner in which the proposed project will strengthen the institutional collaboration, identifying the specific role of the proposed candidate(s) (postdoc/PhD), including the expected output of the project (max. 150 words);
  • Groups involved and time to be spent by a specific postdoc / PhD candidate(s);
  • Appointment details: name of person(s) employed, employment period, chair group;
  • The budget requested.

Pre-proposals must be submitted by e-mail to on or before Monday 3 October 2022, 09.00 AM Monday 17 October 2022, 09.00 AM

Selection procedure
  • Pre-proposals are evaluated by by an independent committee, established by PE&RC.
  • A maximum of 6 applications will be selected based on eligibility, quality, and added value for PE&RC.
  • Selected applicants (i.e. the academic staff members submitting the application) are required to pitch their proposal during the 2022 PE&RC Day (Thursday 27 October 2022 at Radboud University, Nijmegen). The PhD candidate(s) / postdoc(s) involved in the application may also take part in the pitch during the PE&RC Day. If one or more of the applicants cannot be present during the pitch, this needs to be communicated to the PE&RC Office as soon as possible. At least one staff member of the participating groups has to be present during the presentation in order for the application to be eligible.
  • The PE&RC Day audience votes for the best pitch / best proposal.
  • Final selection of those to receive the funds is based on the pitch score given by the audience. The exact scoring system will be communicated during the PE&RC Day.
  • The best three proposals are awarded the grant.