Jacqueline Verhoef

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Jacqueline Verhoef
PhD Programme Assistant

Email: jacqueline.verhoef@wur.nl 
Tel: +31 317 485414

About me
My name is Jacqueline Verhoef, one of the PhD programme assistants of the graduate school PE&RC since January 2017. My job is to assist my colleagues Claudius, Naomi, Sabine and Miriam in setting up workshops, courses, symposia, PE&RC weekends and organising our annual PE&RC Day (from website to financial settlement). Besides that, I'm also responsible for the office management within PE&RC.
Before starting here, I've been working at various companies as office manager/management assistant. In 2012 I started working at Wageningen University for the Human Nutrition department, where I got to know the Wageningen University rather well. Making the step to working at PE&RC has worked out very well, I'm proud to be part of the PE&RC team!