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Lennart Suselbeek
PhD Programme Coordinator

Email: lennart.suselbeek@wur.nl 

About me
My name is Lennart Suselbeek. I am one of the PhD programme coordinators of the graduate school PE&RC. Together with the other PhD Programme Coordinators Claudius, Amber, Sabine and Naomi, I am responsible for developing and maintaining our PhD Programme. I studied Forest & Nature Conservation at Wageningen University, from which I graduated in 2009. Then, I started my PhD research in October 2009. My PhD was about conditionality in seed-dispersal interactions between oak trees, wood mice, and wild boar. I obtained my PhD degree on the 10th of October 2014. Already early on my PhD, I became an active member and later the chair of the PE&RC PhD Council (PPC). Being the PPC chair, I often had meetings with Claudius and this is how I ended up working 2 days a week for PE&RC from the 1st of January 2013 onwards, while still doing my PhD too. I continued doing this until I had finished my PhD, which is when I started to work 4 days a week for PE&RC, which I still do. Apart from my position at the graduate school PE&RC, I am also the owner of a company called Wildlife Monitoring Solutions. This is a company that specialises in trail cameras and accompanying accessories. Finally, I have a fantastic family! My wife, Marijke, who also works at Wageningen University (at the education support centre, supporting university teachers) and three kids: Kai of 6, and Zoë and Noa of 4 years old.