Institute of Environmental Biology (IEB) PhD meeting

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The IEB PhD council would like to invite you of the next IEB PhD meeting on Thursday the 18th of October. First, our programme coordinator Giannis Stringlis will introduce the IEB and present practical information of new PhD candidates or perhaps those who have started recently. Then, three of your fellow PhD's will give a talk:

  • Nathalie Amacker of the Ecology and Biodiversity group will introduce her project: "Application of soil protist as next generation biofertilizers".
  • Shahram Shokrianhajibehzad of the molecular plant physiology group will introduce his project: "Understanding the Arabidopsis thaliana rosette growth habit: Identification of the gene regulatory network surrounding the TALE homeobox gene ATH1".
  • Zeguang Liu of the eco-physiology group will present his project: "The early flooding signal ethylene prepares Arabidopsis for hypoxia tolerance".

The meeting starts at 17:00 with pizza and will take place in Kruyt Z409 at Utrecht University.

We hope to see you there!

Kind regards,

Peter Jan, Gilles, Tom, Zhilei and Laura