PhD elections for WUR Council

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The WUR Council (central participation council) would like to invite you to put yourself forward as a candidate for the 2018 elections of the 2 PhD representatives in the WUR Council. As a PhD representative in the WUR Council you will represent the interests of almost 2.000 PhD’s who work for Wageningen University & Research.

The WUR Council discusses, advices and (dis)approves WUR wide topics and policies. During the last year, the WUR Council worked, among others, on these topics:

  • The budget of Wageningen University. The WUR Council has right of approval on the university’s budget, which leads to interesting discussions on the main budget lines of the university
  • Accommodating the university’s growth – how can the university accommodate increasing numbers of students in the coming years?
  • Work pressure, appreciation for work and innovation – topics that the WUR Council initiated and discussed with their constituents and the executive board

Membership of the WUR Council is for one year and you will receive full compensation for your work (one day per week or more).

Please send an e-mail to for any questions and/or if you want to put yourself forward as a candidate for the PhD elections. The deadline for candidacy is April 26th.

Kind regards,

Tjitske Geertsema and Guido Camps

PhD-members WUR Council

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