Seminar on Animal Conservation using UAVs and Machine Learning

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You are cordially invited to join a special seminar about wildlife tracking from unmanned aerial vehicles with machine learning. Experts from the Universities of Münster and Konstanz, as well as form the Max Planck Institute for Ornithology, Germany, will present their latest research.

If you are interested in animal conservation, monitoring with drones or in the application of computer vision and machine / deep learning, please consider attending this exciting seminar on Thursday, February 8.


Costelloe, B.: "Collective Behaviour of Wild Ungulates: Questions and Methodological Challenges"

Risse, B.: "Computer Vision in the Wild: Merker-less In-Field Animal Tracking and Mapping of Natural Environments"

Koger, B.: "Applying TensorFlow's Object Detection API to track Kenyan Ungulates in the Wild"

Date and Location

When: February 8, 13:30 - 14:30
Where: Gaia C0093 (2nd floor, near the elevators)

We are looking forward seeing you next Thursday 8 February!


Devis Tuia and Benjamin Kellenberger,

Geo-information Science and Remote Sensing chairgroup, ESG