Models, improving photosynthesis and better crop yields

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Working Conference

Models, improving photosynthesis and better crop yields: is this the future?

Thursday 21 June 2018

 Forum building (room P0631), Wageningen Campus, the Netherlands


Picture1_0.pngLife on earth depends on photosynthesis. Crop yields are a function of the dynamics of photosynthesis during the day and during the growing season. Increasing yields to produce more food, fodder, and the biomass for a non-fossil carbon economy therefore requires enhanced photosynthesis. Significant progress has recently been made in designing plants with improved photosynthesis; field trials have proven that this will work, even or especially under fluctuating light. However, scaling effects from the molecular level to crop yield makes it difficult to predict the result of bioengineering plants and crops. Developing models that can quantify such effects are crucial to support the application of improved photosynthesis as a route to produce better crop yields.

Programme of the Day
09:30 - 10:00 Welcome and coffee
  Chair: Paul C. Struik
10:00 - 10:05 Welcoming address by Bas Zwaan, scientific director of PE&RC
10:05 - 10:50 Elizabete Carmo-Silva: The biochemistry of Rubisco activation
10:50 - 11:35 Alejandro Morales: Dynamic photosynthesis under fluctuating light
11:35 - 12:20 Herbert van Amerongen: Dynamic feedback of the photosystem II reaction centre on photoprotection in plants
12:20 - 13:00 Discussion on the future of crop photosynthesis
13:00 - 14:00 Lunch
  Chair: Jeremy Harbinson
14:00 - 14:45 Steve Long: Modelling crop photosynthesis from molecular to canopy to guide bioengineering of sustainable productivity increase – success, challenges and the future
14:45 - 15:30 Martin van Ittersum: Increasing crop yields through lifting yield potential or closing yield gaps?
15:30 - 17:00 Debate on Use of models as a route to improving photosynthesis
General information
Target Group The conference is aimed at all academics
Event duration 1 day
Number of credits 0.3 ECTS
Location Forum building (room P0631), Droevendaalsesteeg 2, Wageningen Campus, the Netherlands

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This conference is organised by Paul Struik and Jeremy Harbinson under the auspices of PE&RC.

More information

Prof. Paul C. Struik
Phone: +31 (0) 317 484246

Dr Jeremy Harbinson
Phone: +31 (0) 317 483660


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