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On March 12th, NWO will come to Wageningen to give information about the NWA call. NWO will look back on the 2018 NWA call and ahead to the 2019 call. The location of this meeting is: Wageningen University, Orion buidling (room C1032), Wageningen.

Overview 2018 call:

  • NWA received 325 proposals, 66 of them got a positive advice.
  • Bandwidth 5-10 million, 8 proposal got a positive advice,
  • bandwidth 2-5 million, 25 proposals got a positive advice and
  • bandwidth 0.5-2 million, 33 proposals got a positive advice.

Wageningen UR sent in 16 proposals as main applicant, 2 of them got a positive advice.

It seems like that proposals with a positive advice had:

  • a concrete research question (sub research questions are okay, but there must be one main research question)
  • potential a concrete social breakthrough
  • an excellent scientific consortium
  • an ‘understandable’ consortium (not an occasional consortium) with proven expertise (it must be ‘logical’ that the people mentioned are involved)


  • End of February/beginning of March: 2019 call opens
  • Before summer: results 2018 call

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