Modelling and Statistics Network (MSN)

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The discussion group aims at generating discussion on statistical methods and modelling concepts. By stimulating these discussions we intend to encourage PhD candidates to share ideas, explore new methods, or to discuss and seek help to specific problems that they face in their research. Meetings are held six times a year and are organised by two MSN-members. Meetings can consist of two parts. In the first part, there will be a presentation by a PhD candidate or an expert. An expert in a specific field(s) can be invited based on the interest of the participants. In the second hour of the meeting there can be a 'round-table' discussion where everyone can raise modelling or statistics issues he is stuck with and hopefully this discussion delivers a huge contribution to your research. Also, visits to labs in Wageningen or other places are possible, PE&RC has funds available for such trips. 

MSN members are expected to attend all meetings. The group focuses on methods used in research and not so much on the topic itself. Therefore, this group is useful for anyone that uses Mathematics and Statistics in his or her research. Topics for the presentations and discussions are chosen by the participants. Examples of past topics are: Modelling and parameter estimation, Optimization techniques and learning algorithms, Uncertainty, validation and calibration of models of a complex world, GIS, Spatial Methods, scaling issues and Remote Sensing. The discussion group is mainly meant for PhD candidates (at any stage of their research) but is open for anyone who is interested, post-docs in particular.

If you would like to join our group you can send an email to the coordinators of this group: Alexandre Wadoux ( or Luc Steinbuch (