IEB PhD meeting

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Dear PhD Candidates of the IEB,

The IEB PhD Council would like to invite you to the next IEB PhD meeting on Thursday the 16th January.

At this meeting three of your fellow PhDs will give a presentation:

  • Gilles Vismans will present his PhD project titled 'The root microbiome to the rescue'
  • Brigit van Brenk will introduce her PhD project titled 'Removing toxic micropollutants from wastewater with fungi'
  • Nicole Nieuwendijk will introduce her PhD project titled 'Shady signals: how the integration of light cues guides petiole elongation'.

Looks like plenty of potential for some propper public engagement already! The meeting will start at 17:00 in Kruyt Z409 with drinks and pizza, we hope to see you there!

Best, the IEB PhD Council


We'd like to make use of this opportunity to point you to a public engagement course exclusively for PhD candidates titled: "Develop an interactive activity for a family audience", hosted by the University museum. The course is taught in Dutch, for this is mainly the language spoken by the museum audience. More Information can be found here: (open the link and scroll down to 'track 2').