IEB PhD Pizza Meeting (online)

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We hope you had a nice Christmas and New Year break! The IEB PhD Council would like to invite you to an online IEB PhD meeting, on Thursday the 20th of January (next week). Unfortunately, it is probably still not possible to meet in person and enjoy some pizza together because of the covid measures taken by the university. We are however able to meet online and discuss science with our fellow PhD candidates, with some snacks.

We would like to introduce our new council members Duygu Tolunay and Melanie Mendel, and of course, there will be three talks by your fellow PhD candidates:

  • Kyra van der Velde from Plant Ecophysiology will introduce the project in a 5 min presentation titled: “Photoreceptor control of plant root development: molecular signaling from shoot to root"
  • Nathalie Amacker from Ecology and Biodiversity will give an update about the project in a 20 min presentation titled: "Understanding the predatory role of protists to support a beneficial soil microbiome"
  • Fleur Kleijburg from Microbiology will introduce the project in a 5 min presentation titled: "MyCoat: sustainable seed coatings out of mycelium"

Additionally, Aleksandre Gogaladze will give a 5 min introduction to Open Science. The meeting will start at 17:00 with in Teams. We are providing snacks again, location for pick-up will follow in the next email.

Kind regards,
Koen, Melanie, Duygu, Tom and Lisa