Effects lockdown and curfew on exams and education

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Dear students

As you will have heard, the government of the Netherlands has announced stricter lockdown measures. These measures include a.o. a nationwide curfew (Dutch: avondklok) that starts at 21:00 hrs and ends at 04:30 hrs. These measures will also affect the organisation of education and exams at Wageningen University, and in this letter and the attached Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) we will explain further how WUR handles this situation.

During daytime exams, practicals and self-study can continue on-campus, in accordance with government regulations, due to the vital nature of these activities for student education and student well-being. This has also been announced in previous communications. The decision to continue with these on-campus activities has led to several questions, which we address in the attached FAQ's. Furthermore, questions you may have regarding the effect of the curfew on our education are also addressed in these FAQ's. The most important effects of the curfew on our education are:

  •  Practicals must be finished at 19:00 hrs, leaving sufficient time for students and staff to travel home before curfew. Staff who still have to travel after 21:00 hrs due to the nature of their work will get an employer's declaration (Dutch: werkgeversverklaring) in addition to their own curfew declaration.
  • The Dutch government has allowed on-campus exams and related travelling during curfew. This means that the exams of period 3 and the resits will continue as planned. If you cannot be present yourself during the exam, for example due to health concerns, you can ask the Exam Office (exam.office@wur.nl) for support.
  • You do not need to provide curfew declarations for students taking part in evening exams on-campus; this is arranged by the Education and Student Affairs department (by email to the student).

Please, read the attached FAQ's about the impact of the lockdown and the curfew carefully. For your information, we have also attached the email of the 22nd of January we have sent to our students.

With kind regards,

Prof. dr. Arthur Mol, Rector Magnificus
Prof. dr. Arnold Bregt, Dean of Education