Meet the new chair of the PPC: Tessy Hick

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Dear PE&RC members, 

Last month I formally took over the PE&RC PhD Council (PPC) chair position of Tessa Visser. To prevent confusion in this Tessa-Tessy transition, I will shortly introduce myself. Almost three years ago, I started as a PhD candidate in the Laboratory of Virology at Wageningen University. I study the environmental safety of self-replicating RNA vaccines. Besides my interest in science, I enjoy meeting new people, organizing events and collaborating with other PhD candidates. This made me join the PPC which has been a pleasure ever since. In the PPC we aim to support PhD candidates in their personal and professional developments by organizing social events, career activities, and a yearly symposium. Moreover, we provide information to new PhD candidates, are involved in the development of the graduate school and advise the PE&RC program coordinators and board. As a chair of the PPC, I would like to continuing to build the national character of the PPC and make all PE&RC PhD candidates feel represented by the PPC.

If there ever is an issue or if you feel unheard, please know that you can always contact my via the email address

Kind regards,
Tessy Hick
Chair of the PE&RC PhD Council