Join us for Transformative Dialogues @WUR! - Transformative Leadership

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Join us for Transformative Dialogues @WUR! - Transformative Leadership
 October 28 14:00 - 16:00  

Transformative Dialogues @WUR continue on 28 October 2021, 14-16h00: We are excited to announce that our president of Wageningen University & Research, prof. Louise O. Fresco, will attend our next dialogue on Transformative Leadership, to share some of her perspectives on the role of WUR researchers, educators and leadership in enabling transformative actions.

In Part 1 of the dialogue series during the first half of 2021, researchers from diverse corners across WUR explored four ways of working stemming from 71 Visions to enhance our collective societal impact: Pluralizing by connecting diverse values and needs, Empowering collective action through bottom-up momentum, Politicizing by engaging with powerful systems and Embedding research in societal change. The insights will be the subject of our next dialogue on Transformative Leadership, where we will also consider how leadership at all levels can be strengthened to enable transformative actions. This will form the foundation for the remaining dialogues in which we will initiate concrete interdisciplinary strategies to enhance the WUR’s transformative potential and impact.

We invite you to join the conversation to explore ways of creating societal impact, together. Join the meeting on the following Zoom link:

Meeting ID: 885 3672 6472
Passcode: 759189

Please feel free to forward through your WUR networks. We are looking forward to a seeing you there!

Jeanne, Josie, Simone and Leneke


Co-organizers of the Transformative Dialogues @WUR