PE&RC Graduate School call Green Top Sectors TKI 2021

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PE&RC Graduate Programme Green Top Sectors TKI 2021 
(submission deadline: Tuesday 15 September 2021 14.00 CE(S)T)

The aim of this programme is to facilitate innovative and high-quality scientific research within the research field of the top sectors Agri&Food and Horticulture & Starting Materials by engaging young talented researchers at the start of their career. The details of the call can be found here.

The call will be carried out by the graduate schools VLAG, WIAS, PE&RC and EPS. Per top sector, there is budget to fund 2 PhD proposals. Applicants are asked to indicate in which TKI their proposal would fit best. After the deadline, the graduate schools together with A&F and T&U will make the final decision which proposals will be evaluated under A&F or T&U.

Available budget
A maximum of four projects can be awarded funding. Two projects can be awarded within the top sector Agri&Food and 2 projects within the top sector Horticulture & Starting Materials. The budget is available
for four-year PhD projects to be carried out by knowledge institutes that work together with one or more private partners (public private partnership (PPP)). One or more public partners can also participate.

Who can apply
For both A&F and T&U: Full, associate and assistant professors and other researchers with a comparable appointment can submit an application if they are employed by one of the organisations affiliated with one of the graduate schools EPS, PE&RC, WIAS, VLAG, WIMEK or WASS. Applications are submitted by a principal applicant on behalf of the project consortium. There is one principal applicant per proposal; co-applicants are not permitted. If an associate or assistant professor submits the application, the name of the full professor who has declared that he or she is prepared to act as the thesis supervisor (promotor in Dutch) must be stated in the application. An exception to the required duration of appointment can be made for applicants with a “tenure track” appointment that does not cover the entire duration of the project. In such cases, the applicant should demonstrate by means of a letter that adequate supervision is guaranteed for the entire duration of the research. The proposed PhD candidate who wrote the proposal is the person who will defend the proposal at the interview and whose performance will be taken into account in the assessment.

Additional conditions for submission:
- The proposal must fit within the research focus of the programme, as described above;
- The candidate must have a relevant master's degree or be due to receive one shortly;
- The candidate must not already hold an appointment as a PhD student;
- Only one application per principal applicant may be submitted in this call.

Deadline for applications:    15 September 2021
Interviews commission:      October 2021
Decision:                           November 2021

The application form can be found here. Applicants should send their applications to

All research groups that are a member of PE&RC can apply to the TKI call. The local graduate programme calls in Wageningen will be organized parallel to the TKI call. Interviews and the final decision for both calls will be planned in such a way that candidates can apply for both calls if they are eligible for both. Internal PE&RC financing is only available for Wageningen applicants.