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Wageningen Biodiversity Challenge

Friday 24 and Saturday 25 September 2021

- Wageningen Campus & Open Teelten -

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In September 2021 we will return to working on-site! Many colleagues will not have seen each other in person for a long time, some colleagues will have joined WUR during the lockdown and will be new to the campus and other WUR locations. This calls for an event that celebrates coming back to our labs and offices and that strengthens our bonds as a WUR community. Therefore, we will organise an event that is safe, fun and inclusive, based around something that brings almost everyone connected to WUR together: our love for nature! The idea originates from Biosystematics lecturer Casper Quist, and is fully supported by the Wageningen Biodiversity Initiative.

In order to celebrate biodiversity at WUR with all WUR employees and students, we are looking for EXPERTS who are willing to share their knowledge and love for a specific group of species: birds, insects, plants, aquatic invertebrates, fish, mammals or any other species group you might be expert on. Experts will guide a group of up to 5 EXPLORERS in a 2 h time-slot on (one of) these two days around the Wageningen campus or one of the other joining WUR locations. The challenge is: How many species can all groups together find? 1000 species?

The collected data will be the ‘T0’ of the WUR biodiversity assessment. We envisage a yearly event generating a long-term dataset on biodiversity in our direct work environment showing a positive trend over time!

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Liesje Mommer

Please come and strengthen our team of experts with your species knowledge and help us take up this challenge by registering below!