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Every month we put a PE&RC member in the spotlight. This month we are getting to know Evy de Nijs. Evy is PhD candidate at IBED - University of Amsterdam and a PhD representative within the PE&RC PhD Council.  

What are you passionate about in your research?
My PhD is about researching the potential of composting rose waste from large-scale rose farms in Kenya and apply this back to the rose plants. This will help transforming the production chain towards a more circular economy by securing a closed cycle of resources. I particularly love the combination of very specific fundamental research and the direct practical application and monitoring in the field!

What do you currently do to de-stress?
I love to get out sailing, when I am on the water the rest feels far away.

What are you binging on Netflix?
I don’t really have the patience to watch Netflix, but I love reading. I just finished ‘Ik ben er niet’ from Lize Spit, a fascinating novel about relationships and mental health.

If you could be any plant what would you be, and why?
IThe most straight forward answer would off course be roses, but I think I would love to be a Hollyhock (Alcea rosea). It’s the rose species growing all over Amsterdam with their pretty flowers in all sorts of colours.

What have you been cooking lately?
I am fascinated by microbes, not only in my project but also in the kitchen! My counter is filled with all sort of fermenting experiments; ranging from kimchi to kombucha, sourdough or fermented cashew cheese, really exciting :)