Amber Heijboer leaves PE&RC

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Dear all,

Hereby I want to inform you that as of this week I will no longer work as PhD programme coordinator for the graduate school PE&RC. Over the past few years I have combined my role as science officer at IBED with being PhD programme coordinator for PE&RC. The combination of these two roles caused more and more that I was short in time for both of my functions. Therefore we decided that I will resign my role as PhD programme coordinator so that I can fully focus on my function as IBED’s science officer. In this capacity I will remain responsible for IBED’s PhD policy within the IBED management team and you are still more than welcome to contact me (or to walk into my office) if there is anything you would like to discuss with me.

The intake meetings, support and questions regarding PE&RC will be taken over by the other PE&RC programme coordinators: Claudius van de Vijver, Naomi Zweerus and Sabine Vreeburg. All three PhD programme coordinators will regularly be at IBED to meet with the PhD community and staff. For general questions you can also always send a mail to the PE&RC office:

 For now I would like to thank you all for the great time I had as PhD programme coordinator within PE&RC, I especially enjoyed the great times during the PE&RC weekends and courses.

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