NWO Life2022 - deadline registration 9 May 2022!

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We have realised many of you have some days off in this period. To accommodate those of you that missed the chance to register, we have decided to extend the deadline. Take this last chance to register before the deadline on 9 May.

Register now!

Meet the speakers

In the speakers corner, our keynote and invited speakers will be available to answer questions after their lecture. A great opportunity for interesting discussions!

Connect with the industry

During NWO Life2022, we have several great sponsors & partners present at the innovation floor. Closer to the conference you will also have the opportunity to request a speed date.




Regieorgaan SIA

Carl Zeiss BV

Nederlands Instituut voor Biologie (NIBI)




Lorentz Center


Stichting Biowetenschap en Maatschappij


Child care

No babysitter needed. We offer free child care during the conference. Please indicate this in your registration.


Fees NWO Life2022

MSc students: €50

PhD students and postdocs: €100

Other participants: €150

Prices include catering and accommodation for one night. If you attend only one day, you pay half the price. In our registration system you will find more detailed overview of the fees.


Please ignore this email if you have already registered.


See you at NWO Life2022!


NWO Life 2022 | 24 - 25 May 2022 | www.nwolife.nl | #nwolife2022