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Every month we put a PE&RC member in the spotlight. This month we are getting to know Jens van Erp. He is the vice chair of the PhD Council and a PhD at the University of Amsterdam.

What are you passionate about in your research?
I am looking into seabird behaviour offshore and interactions with wind energy. I like the applied nature of my research to the current transformation from fossil to renewable energy, and the puzzle-solving nature of analysing bird radar data which I use for this research.


What do you currently do to de-stress?
Sports works best for me! I am running to train for an ultra marathon this summer and also do bouldering. Otherwise playing some videogames can also be a great distraction.

What are you binging on Netflix?/ What is a good book you've read recently?
No binging at the moment, I try to avoid it as it can suck up so much time! At the moment I am re-reading The Lord of the Rings, which will probably occupy me for the upcoming year.

If you could be any plant what would you be, and why?
Some long-living tree like an oak situated in a city. If I have to stick in one place, it would be amazing to see society grow and change over 100-150 years.

What have you been cooking lately?
I'm a lazy cook, so lately I've been making all sorts of wraps (mexican, itallian, asian) which is easy, fast and tasty!

If you could change one thing at your university/research institute, what would it be?
Our offices. The climate control is very poor and we have only one window which can't be openend. It can be a very sterile, closed off environment.

What is your favorite spring activity?
My favourite thing about spring is the sun coming back out after the typically grey Dutch winter, so any activity in the sun is just the best this time of year! Outdoor sports, nature walks, or simply enjoying a drink and good company.

What is something you wish people talked about more?
Their passion. It is always great to hear people talk about the subjects they care about most, whether its their work, hobby, or something entirely different. It can be very informative and inspirational!

What was your favourite part of your PhD?
The freedom you have in your work. It's great to work in a position where there is room to ask questions, change your mind, and develop yourself.