Pint of Science festival looking for speakers and volunteers

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POS_0.pngPint of Science will take place in the Netherlands from the 22nd til the 24th of May!

The organization is run by volunteers who help out to organize Pint of Science events in their city. We are currently setting up & expanding our team in Wageningen and we can use your help!  

These two roles can be valuable experiences for scientists: 

- As speakers, researchers (from PhDs to professors) get an opportunity to talk to the general public, learn and improve their ability to communicate science in a fun and understandable way. Help from the Pint of Science team can be provided to help speakers learn the basics of science communication.  

- As volunteers (master students, PhDs, postdocs…), we also get a chance to learn to organize scientific events, take responsibility, and get new skills (leadership, finding and managing budget, communication…), which, as you know, becomes more and more necessary in the CV of young scientists.  

If you are a dynamic, open-minded, and creative person willing to take an active role in bringing understandable and fun science to the general public, we are looking forward to hearing from you!! 

Are you ready to join us and be part of this fun experience? Fill in the following contact form and we´ll contact you soon.

Have a fantastic day!

Cloé Villard 

City coordinator for Pint of Science Wageningen