Secret Santa Christmas Card

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Hi everyone! 

After last year’s success with the Secret Santa Christmas Card exchange we are organizing another edition!
Sign up for the secret Santa via this form before Friday the 16th of December! (only Dutch addresses allowed) Hereafter Santa will randomly exchange addresses and email them to you. 

You will receive the address of one fellow PE&RC member to whom you can send your most original, heartfelt or creative X-MAS card

Please send your card on time so everyone will receive nice holiday wishes!

The only thing left to do for you is patiently waiting for your X-MAS card!

All PE&RC members (PhD, postdoc, staff, etc) are welcome!

Happy holidays!

The PPC Social Committee,

Evy & Hylke  

Google form link:


Evy de Nijs, PhD candidate

Ecosystem & Landscape Dynamics

Institute for Biodiversity & Ecosystem Dynamics (IBED)

University of Amsterdam