PE&RC in the Spotlight: Annemiek Drost

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Every month we put a PE&RC member in the spotlight. This month we are getting to know Annemieke Drost. 
I am Annemieke and I am currently pursuing a PhD at the NIOO-KNAW in Wageningen. I study the impacts of nutrients and climate change on cyanobacterial bloom toxicity across scales. This project lets me combine my love for the field with some more controlled experiments in mesocosms and microcosms.  

Do you prefer fieldwork, lab work, literature research or writing?
I prefer to do fieldwork; my best days are spent in waders (jep that’s a word) pouring water into various bottles and tubes!

What is your favourite season? And what is your favourite activity then?
My favourite season is spring, and my favourite spring activity is to ride my bike along the Rhine just before sunset to chase that winter-dip away.

What is your favourite book? / What is a good/bad book you’ve read recently?
A really good book I re-read recently is "Seveneves" (Neal Stephenson) which tells the story of humans trying to survive in space after the planet becomes unlivable due to the moon mysteriously disintegrating, and how these space-bound humans deal with rebuilding a society after a severe genetic bottleneck.

What is your useless talent?
My most useless talent is being able to estimate which Tupperware box my leftovers will fit into.

Is there a podcast you would recommend?
One podcast I would recommend is "Alles Gesagt", a German interview-based podcast. At the start of an episode the interviewee indicates what word they will say when they have said everything, and until they say that word again the recording continues indefinitely. Episodes last anything from 15 minutes (when a guest accidentally said his codeword) to over 8 hours for the most talkative guests.