PE&RC in the Spotlight: Maartje Sijtsema

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Hi, my name is Maartje Sijtsema and I have been working at PE&RC since mid-March 2024. Before I joined PE&RC I worked at the chair groups WSG and WRM.
In my personal life I love traveling, cooking (especially Asian) and going to the cinema. 

What do you currently do to de-stress? 
I don’t have stress, haha

What are you binging on Netflix?/What is a good book you've read recently?
Outlander and The Crown/ Just started 700 pages of Atlas

If you could be any plant/animal what would you be, and why? 
A dolphin! It reminds me of the time when I was a child and I could swim like a dolphin. 

What have you been cooking lately? 

What is your favourite summer activity? 
Be outside enjoying summer without worrying if I need a jacket

Cinema, traveling, cooking, listening to music

What is your useless talent? 
Everything is useful!