PE&RC Education Committee

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The PE&RC Education Committee has the task to advise the board on all aspects related to the PhD programme of the Graduate School. More specifically, the objectives of the PE&RC Education Committee are:

  • to advise the Board (at the latter's request or on its own initiative) on the content and format of the PhD training and education programme, as well as on specific issues related to the PhD programme (e.g. progress control);
  • to evaluate the quality of past activities and suggest improvement on content and format;
  • to control and approve the training and education programme of PhD candidates and whether a candidate is entitled to a PE&RC certificate at the end of the project.

The PE&RC Education Committee is composed of 6 scientific staff members, 1 postdoc and 4 PhD candidates. Furthermore, the director, the executive secretary and the PhD programme coordinators are informants/advisors to the committee. On average, the committee meets 3-4 times a year. These meetings are prepared by the PhD Programme coordinators and the chair of the Education Committee.

Current members of the committee:

  • Prof. Wolf Mooij (NIOO, chair)
  • Dr Katrien Descheemaeker (WU, Staff)
  • Dr Saskia Keesstra (WU, Staff)
  • Dr Gorben Pijlman (WU, Staff)
  • Dr Marco Roos (Naturalis, Staff)
  • Prof. Ellis Hoffland (WU, Staff)
  • Dr Johannes Reiche (WU, Postdoc)
  • Thijs Frenken (NIOO, PhD)
  • Thijs Fijen (WUR, PhD)
  • Anouk van 't Padje (VU, PhD)
  • Kevin Beentjes (Naturalis, PhD)