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PhD candidates of PE&RC are organised in the PE&RC PhD Council (PPC). The members of this council represent various research fields and categories of PhD candidates within the graduate school. The main objective of the PE&RC PhD Council is to advise the PE&RC PhD Programme coordinators, the PE&RC Board and the PE&RC Committees, both at their request and on its own initiative. Additionally, the PPC serves as a "Knowledge and Experience Base" for new PhD candidates. The PPC does so by organising the annual PE&RC Day and by assigning "Buddies" to facilitate the arrival and quick acclimatisation of new PhD candidates at the Graduate School PE&RC. The PPC meets once a month. The PE&RC PhD Programme coordinators generally join these meetings.

If you have any questions about the PPC, or if you feel the PPC should know about a certain issue that you are experiencing or that you heard of, and that applies to more people than just you yourself, then please contact the PPC directly via their dedicated e-mail address: Also, if you are interested in joining the PPC yourself, please contact them via

Positions and Committees of the PPC
  • Chair: The PPC chair is responsible for the organization of the monthly PPC meetings, chairs the PPC meetings, keeps a bird’s eye view on all activities and processes of the PPC, and is the contact person for general PPC information. The chair represents the PPC in the PE&RC board.
  • Secretary: The PPC secretary is responsible for taking minutes during the meetings.
  • PR representative: The PR representative of the PPC is responsible for all communications of the PPC through (social) media. For instance, did you know that the PPC and PE&RC are active on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIN? Join us!
  • PE&RC day representative(s): The PE&RC Day representatives are responsible for organising the yearly PE&RC day. The PE&RC day is a symposium specifically organised for all members of the PE&RC graduate school.
  • Education committee representative(s): The Education committee representatives advise the board on topics that are related to the educational program. The educational program includes the educational format of summer schools, workshops, discussion groups and courses. Teaching program is regularly evaluated and new courses are arranged (when feasible) if asked for by postgraduates. The committee approves the education program of a PhD candidate and whether or not the candidate is issued a PE&RC certificate. The task of the PPC representatives is to provide information, feedback and opinion on matters concerning the educational program and evaluation procedures.
  • Research committee representative(s): The Research committee representatives advise the PE&RC Board on matters concerning research; the PE&RC Board is responsible for the functioning and performance of the Graduate School but the Board has mandated the Research Committee to take decisions on certain matters (ex post approval). The main objectives of the committee are to: 1) safeguard quality of research within the Graduate School, 2) stimulate strategic alliances between chairs and thus support and strengthen a more coherent overall research network, 3) evaluate research proposals submitted by PE&RC participants (e.g. strategic PhD/post-doc or visiting scientist calls), and 4) initiate proposals with respect to future or on-going cooperation.
  • Buddy System representative(s): These people are responsible for the PE&RC Buddy System. The main goal of the Buddy System is to ensure that new PhD candidates are helped in finding their way during the first days in Wageningen. This is done through the guidance of a fellow PhD already settled here. More specific information about the PE&RC Buddy System can be found here.
  • Social events committee representative(s): The social events committee organizes social events that facilitate networking between different chair groups in PE&RC. Moreover the committee supports PhD candidates by establishing good relationships with other PE&RC members through shared participation in events. Together this provides PhD candidates with a platform to ask questions when in need and offers a broader scope of their PhD beyond their own discipline.
  • Career committee representative(s): The career committee is very new to the PPC. A description of what this committee entails will follow soon.
  • Utrecht representative: This PPC member represents the PhD candidates at Utrecht University.
  • Naturalis representative: This PPC member represents the PhD candidates at Naturalis Biodiversity Center.
  • Wageningen PhD council representative(s): The Wageningen PhD Council (WPC) is composed of members of the six PhD Councils from each of the graduate schools in Wageningen University. The main task of the WPC is to provide a discussion platform in which the six PhD Councils of the graduate schools can work together on issues that are relevant for all PhD candidates at Wageningen University. The WPC discusses a wide variety of PhD related issues on regular basis, e.g. CAO developments, improvement of the position of young researchers, concerns etc. WPC exchanges 'best practices' and contributes to the cohesion between PhD councils of the different Graduate Schools.
  • General members: We try to make sure that every PPC member is part of one or more committees. However, new members are often not immediately linked to a committee, but first join one or a few meetings as a general member, so that they can see which committee interests them most.
Current members of the PPC:
  • Chantal Vogels (WU, chair / PE&RC Board representative / Wageningen PhD Council (WPC) representative)
  • Sarah Carter (WU, secretary / Social Events Committee representative)
  • Michael Schultz (WU, vice secretary / Research Committee representative / Career Committee representative)
  • Paolo di Lonardo (NIOO, PR representative / Buddy System representative)
  • Natalie Oram (WU, PE&RC Day representative / Buddy System representative)
  • Jelle Treep (UU, PE&RC Day representative / Utrecht representative)
  • Katharina Jovic (WU, PE&RC Day representative)
  • Paul Hoekstra (Naturalis Biodiversity Center, Education Committee representative / Naturalis representative)
  • Jasper Wubs (NIOO, Education Committee representative)
  • Anneloes Groenenboom (WU, Buddy System representative, Career Committee representative)
  • Giel Goertz (WU, Social Events Committee representative)
  • Tryntsje Boersma (WU, vice chair / Career Committee representative)
  • Alejandro Bustamante (WU, PE&RC Day representative)
  • Thijs Fijen (WU, PE&RC Day representative)
  • Jannike Wichern (WU, Career Committee representative)