Join the PE&RC spring walk on Saturday 11 June 2022!

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Join the PE&RC spring walk on Saturday 11 June 2022!

Hi everyone,

Spring is well up and in the air again! So it high time to enjoy the great outdoors together again on new PE&RC walk! Saturday, June 11th all PE&RC members are welcome to join us on a spring walk from Bunnik to Bilthoven train station.

This time we will be taking one of the “NS-wandelingen” which are a great and easily accessible set of routes between train stations in the Netherlands. For more info on the route check out: . We start gathering at Bunnik train station at 11:00 and set out at 11:15, so be sure to be on time! We will likely finish by 15:00h - 16:00h. The full route is 17 km, but we will take a slight shortcut so we restrict the length to ~15 km. For those who feel this is too long there is the option of taking the Bus to Utrecht Central station from the Uithof, 5 km into the route.
As always, make sure to bring proper clothing and enough food for lunch on the road! Registration is free and can be done via this link: We also have a WhatsApp group ( which you can join even if you can't make it this time, as future walks are sure to come!

More information will also be sent around by email closer to the appointed date! We hope to see you all on June 11th!

Cheers, The PPC Social committee