Network meeting women scientists of Wageningen

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Dear Women Scientists of Wageningen, 


Last week the European chapter of 500 Women Scientists published a Call to Action. It highlights that science is integral to our society, and while it is well established that diversity leads to better science, women, people of colour, immigrants, LGBTQIA, and disabled people continue to face ubiquitous and well-known challenges in sciences across the world and across Europe. 


As a part of 500 Women Scientists we want to stand up to these inequalities, and empower women to grow to their full potential in science. As a first step in Wageningen, we are hosting a meet-up to grow our network of women scientists.

We invite you to join us, to discuss future actions via this network, and to at least get to know each other! 


When             28 March 16:00-17:30

Where            Atlas 2 (WUR)

What              Build a network of women scientists in Wageningen




16:00      Introduction - Kelly Ramirez (NIOO & Co-Founder of 500WS)

               Gender & Diversity at WUR  - Alet Leemans (WUR)

               The Numbers  – Ciska Veen (NIOO)

16:15      Benefits of networking – a personal experience story

16:25      Get to know each other and our motivations

17:25      Concluding remarks


This meeting is free and open to all self identifying women scientists. Please just register here


Best wishes, 


Kelly Ramirez

Ciska Veen

Guusje Koorneef

Alet Leemans