Training and Supervision Plan (TSP)

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Training and Supervision Plan (TSP)

The Training and Supervision Plan (TSP) describes a PhD candidate's planned training and teaching activities, as well as agreements on supervision and evaluation of performance and progress. Although the TSP has a formal function, it should primarily be seen as a structure that facilitates the planning of activities related to personal development and the frequency, format and responsibilities of supervision. The candidate should use the TSP to discuss these matters with the supervisors so that both parties agree on the PhD candidate’s training and supervision. The total number of training and education credits required to be listed in the TSP should be at least 30 ECTS, which corresponds to a time investment of ~22 weeks.  

The TSP:

  • Must be submitted by the PhD candidate within the first three months of the project, but preferably within two months after the start of the project.
  • Is signed by (co)-promotor(s) and supervisor(s), and is officially approved by the Graduate School. Therefore, rights and obligations are formalised through this document.
  • Can be altered in the course of the PhD period. The PE&RC office must be informed on changes with respect to supervision, but does not need to be informed about specific changes in the training components.

Before submitting the final signed version of the TSP to PE&RC, please send a draft version by email to the PE&RC PhD Programme Coordinator with whom you had an intake meeting, so (s)he can check whether all requirements have been met. Accordingly, send the final signed version of the TSP to Claudius van de Vijver (, who is the head of the PE&RC PhD programme and who will formally evaluate and approve the TSP.