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Upcoming PE&RC Discussion Group Meetings
Agriculture–Climate-Forests-Food PhD discussion group
Thursday 24 August 2017 (12:15 – 13:15 hrs)
The PhD Discussion group on Agriculture – Climate – Forests – Food is an acknowledged discussion group operating under the Graduate Schools PE&RC and WASS, and is open to all PhD candidates. PhD candidates can obtain TSP credits for their active participation.
WEES Special Seminar: Dynamics of Adaptation and Genome Evolution in a Long-Term Experiment - Richard Lenski
Thursday 31 August 2017 (16.00 h)
Richard Lenski is a renown evolutionary biologist. His long-term evolution experiment with Escherichia coli is regarded as a landmark in experimental evolution, and his work on the evolution of digital organisms – known as the Avida system – is also highly acclaimed. He is the John Hanna Distinguished Professor of Microbial Ecology at Michigan State University.
Bioinformatics: B-Wise meeting
Tuesday 5 September 2017 (12.30 h)
The next B-Wise meeting will be at 12:30h in room C0221 in the Forum building. Lunch will be available from 12:00h onwards. Speakers will be Jens Allmer (Applied Bioinformatics, Wageningen Research) and Jesse van Dam (WU Systems & Synthetic Biology).
PFF special: Can organ microclimate help phenotyping?
Wednesday 18 October 2017 (10:30-11:30)
This is a special occasion of the Plant Form and Function Discussion Group meetings. for this meeting, Dr Michaël Chelle has been invited to give a talk. Dr Chelle is research director at INRA Versailles-Grignon in France, and will give a talk titled: "Can Organ Microclimate help Phenotyping?". The meeting will be in room M10 in the Radix building on Wageningen University Campus.