Discussion Group on Agriculture - Climate – Forests - Food

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This interdisciplinary discussion group on agriculture, forests and climate change focuses on interactions, trade-offs and synergies between agriculture, climate, forestry and food. It invites PhDs (but also postdocs and researchers) from Wageningen working on or interested in agriculture, climate, forests and food. In each session, one PhD researcher or external speaker presents his work (research concepts, methods or results) and is asked to formulate a related dilemma, to facilitate the discussion with the rest of the group. The discussion group meets every 2 months, usually on a Tuesday. PhD candidates organise and plan the meetings, with input from the REDD@WUR and CSA@WUR networks. The PhD Discussion group on Agriculture – Climate – Forests – Food is an acknowledged discussion group operating under the Graduate Schools PE&RC and WASS, and is open to all PhD candidates.

For more information, please contact Marijn Faling (marijn.faling@wur.nl) or Astrid Bos (astrid.bos@wur.nl). Currently we are also looking for a co-organiser. Interested!