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PE&RC Day 2018 - The Social Network of Nature - Registration now open!

This year's annual PE&RC Day symposium will be about "The Social Network of Nature" and will be held at the University of Amsterdam Science Park on 8 November 2018. Registration is now open! The PE&RC Day is organised by the PE&RC PhD Council.
Human social networks are currently more visible than ever due to the existence of social media. Yet social networks are not a human invention; they exist all around us in nature. From plants that use a thread-like fungus to warn each other about predators, to coral reefs that form sustainable recycling systems; in all natural systems organisms share information and resources to their own benefit and that of the network. On the PE&RC day 2018 we would like you to meet the scientists who discover and unravel the connections in nature’s social networks. We will take a look into the amazing functionality and connectivity of these natural networks and how we can learn from them to optimise our own man-made networks.

PE&RC Picture Award 2018 - You can now submit your pictures!

During the 2018 PE&RC Day, we will again hand out the PE&RC Picture Awards! All PhD candidates of PE&RC can participate in the competition, and prices are awarded in three categories! More details when you click this link! Submission Deadline: 18 Oct 2018
Similarly to last year, we have decided to award something that we feel every PhD candidate of PE&RC can equally compete for and that are attractive to look at for the broader (scientific) public: pictures or other visualisations of your work! The idea of the PE&RC Picture Awards is as follows. We will have three categories, one about PhD thesis covers, one about PhD fieldwork, and one about PhD labwork or modelling. Each participant can submit 3 images (one in each category). The top 3 of each category will be awarded a prize with a value of € 75,-, € 50,-, and € 25,-. The pictures will be exhibited during the PE&RC Day itself, and everyone at the PE&RC day will get the chance to vote for their favourite. Then, at the end of the PE&RC Day, the votes are counted, and the prizes awarded. More info at

PE&RC Weekends 2018 - Registration now open for all weekends!

This fall we will try something completely new! We will organise three PE&RC Weekends in one weekend! In the weekend of 12-14 October, we will have a First Years, a Midterm, ánd a Last Years Weekend run simultanously at the same place! Will you join??
PE&RC organises three types of PE&RC Weekends. Firstly, a 'first years weekend' that is particularly useful for people in the early stages of their PhD. Then, there is a 'midterm weekend' for PhDs that are about halfway down the PhD trajectory, and finally, a 'last years weekend' for PhDs that are close to finishing their PhD project and that are starting to look ahead. From this autumn onwards, we will run a trial to see if it works to combine all weekends into one. That is, we will have all three weekend run simultaneously in three lecture rooms in the same venue.