PE&RC PhD Council

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Upcoming PE&RC PhD Council Activities
Careers After PhD (CAP) Seminar
Wednesday 25 October (16:00-17:00 hrs)
The aim of the seminar series is to inform current PhDs about career perspectives after their PhD by bringing them into contact with PE&RC alumni. In a one-hour setting we ask two PE&RC alumni to give a brief presentation on their career pathway after they finalised their PhD. Afterwards there will be drinks and the opportunity for PhD candidates to address the speakers with their specific questions.
PE&RC PhD Council (PPC) BOARD Meeting
Wednesday 15 November (15:00-17:00 hrs)
The PE&RC PhD Council comes together about once a month to discuss current issues, upcoming activities, and aspects that need attention. During this meeting, which will be held at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, the PPC Board will come together.