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Joint International GfE/DSDB Meeting
12 - 15 March 2024
The German (GfE) and Dutch (DSDB) Societies for Developmental Biology invite you to join us for four days of scientific exchange and networking. In addition to our 20+ national and international invited speakers, representing topics from stem cells and fate decisions, to the emergence of structures and patterns, evolutionary adaptions, and regulation of development and regeneration, 25+ of you will get the chance to present your current research in front of an international audience. We welcome exciting abstracts from all topics in developmental biology and are looking forward to complementing the program with many interesting model and non-model organisms and cell/organ systems.
B-Wise Seminar, March 12th: Catarina Sales E Santos Loureiro & Sara Moreno Paz
12 March 2024
On Tuesday March 12th, the next B-Wise meeting of 2024 will take place at 12:30h, in room C0226 in the Forum building. Lunch will be available from 12:00h onwards.
8th Edition of Global Congress on Plant Biology and Biotechnology
25 -27 March 2024
After the prodigious success of our annual conference on plant biology, Magnus Group is delighted to announce and invite one and all to its signature event "8th Edition of Global Congress on Plant Biology and Biotechnology (GPB 2024)” which is going to take place during March 25-27, 2024 as a Hybrid Event having both online and in-person versions at Singapore. This HYBRID EVENT allows you to participate in person at Singapore or Virtually from your home or work. The congress will be centred on the theme “Ensuring Sustainability and Global Transformation Through Crucial Plant Science Advances”
Empowering Biodiversity Research
25 - 26 March 2024
We will take you on a journey into the world of biodiversity data standards and tools and will inform you on the latest developments in the world of Biodiversity Informatics, both internationally and locally. The EBR III conference is organized back to back with the 2024 ARISE day, which will also take place in Naturalis Biodiversity Center.
The Choice: Un-box your PhD process & take charge of your performance
28 March, 11 April, 23 April 2024
Personal leadership & boxcoaching- In the Choice you will discover ways to lead yourself and others more effectively, increase your impact and improve your personal vitality. The unique combination of physical approaches (such as boxcoaching), systemic constellations and group reflections will give you deep insights in your in current ways of acting, communication styles and effects. You will experience and feel how you can use your personal strengths and drives effectively in your collaboration with others, while overcoming recurring obstacles and increasing your impact.
Annual Meeting Experimental Plant Sciences 2024
8 - 9. April 2024
Each year around 450 representatives of the Dutch plant scientist community meet each other for a two day meeting. This meeting welcomes junior and senior research from academics and industry and offers an excellent opportunity to hear the latest scientific developments and to network.
5th Global Food Security Conference Towards equitable, sustainable and resilient food systems
9 - 12 April 2024
Join us to discuss developments towards equitable, sustainable and resilient food systems at the 5th Global Food Security Conference. Building on the momentum from the UN Food System Summit and recognizing that the 2030 target year of the Sustainable Development Goals is on the horizon, this 5th Global Food Security Conference will bring together science, business and policy to address this need.Abstracts are invited by 30 June 2023 for talks and posters on the following themes:
Global Food Security congress
9-12 April 2024
The triple ‘Cs’ of climate, covid and conflict, and other recent short-term shocks to the food system, have emerged against a background of longer-term stresses, adding the issue of food system resilience to the already-recognised sustainability agenda. There is therefore an urgent need for food system change both to improve health and environmental outcomes in fairer and more equitable ways, and to enhance resilience to further shocks and stresses. Building on the momentum from the UN Food System Summit and recognizing that the 2030 target year of the Sustainable Development Goals is on the horizon, this 5th Global Food Security Conference will bring together science, business and policy to address this need.
Netherlands Society for Evolutionary Biology (NLSEB) PhD & PostDoc day
22 April 2024
We are excited to invite you to join the NLSEB PhD & PostDoc day, organized by the junior board of the Netherlands Society for Evolutionary Biology (NLSEB), on April 22nd. Deadline for registration is 5 April.
Paradigm shifts for Global One Health conference
23-25 April 2024
The first two days will comprise of plenary talks and discussions, offering many opportunities for interaction and for participants to present ongoing research. On April 25th, the spotlight will be on One Health PhD students, and there is time for workshops to facilitate future collaborations. Come join us and participate!
NLSEB 2024 meeting
23 April
We are excited to welcome you to the 2024 NLSEB meeting that will be held on Tuesday April 23rd at the Akoesticum in Ede. We have plenary talks by Rosemary Gillespie (Berkeley), by Liliana D’Alba (Naturalis) by Tom Shimizu (AMOLF) and by the winner of the 2023 Netherlands Evolutionary Biology Prize (will be announced during the meeting).
WGS PhD Workshop Carousel 2024
Friday 26 April 2024
Every year, Wageningen Graduate Schools (WGS) organises a one-day event for PhD candidates consisting of a carousel of 4 sessions with 6 workshops per session. The 1.5 hour workshops deal with all sorts of elements important for PhDs and the PhD track. Workshops are either stand-alone workshops or teasers that give a taste of more elaborate courses and workshops organised by Wageningen Graduate Schools.
BCF Career Event NL
30 May 2024
BCF Career Event is the largest career event for the Life Sciences. It is the meeting place for everyone who is or wants to be active in Bio/Life Sciences, Chemistry, Food or Pharma. BCF Career Event offers you the opportunity to get into direct contact with a broad range of employers in the sector, but also with other organisations that can help you further in your career.
5th Plant Microbiome Symposium 2024
17 - 21 June 2024
The 5th Plant Microbiome Symposium will continue the tradition of (now) annual meetings of experts on the plant microbiome from all over the world. With these meetings we stimulate the exchange of information and ideas among researchers from around the world and working on a wide spectrum of disciplines and perspectives around the common theme of the plant microbiome. A selection of invited speakers will go beyond a standard conference talk, and will present their most exciting/unpublished results and expand their talk into the broader context of the field. They were invited to present stimulating or even provocative ideas, all of which should provoke lively discussions and the development of new ideas and research directions.