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NWO Talent Scheme information meeting
Friday 2 June 2023 (13:00-17:00)
NWO organises an information meeting on Friday afternoon 2 June for researchers who want to apply for a Rubicon, Veni, Vidi or Vici. Besides information on the Talent Scheme, we will share information on various aspects of the rounds.
The 33rd International Conference on Arabidopsis Research
5 - 9 June 2023
It is our greatest pleasure to invite you to participate in the 33rd International Conference on Arabidopsis Research (ICAR2023), which will be held as a hybrid event on June 5-9, 2023 in Chiba, Japan. ICAR is an annual conference rotating among North America, Asia-Oceania and Europe. The conference covers all aspects of plant biology research on Arabidopsis as well as other plant species, generally attracting more than 800 scientists worldwide to present and discuss their new discoveries.
Biology of Vector-borne Diseases course
12-17 June 2023
The UI Institute for Health in the Human Ecosystem (IHHE) is hosting its annual Biology of Vector-borne Diseases six-day course, Monday through Saturday, June 12-17, 2023, on the UI campus in Moscow, Idaho. This course provides accessible, condensed training and "knowledge networking" for advanced graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, new faculty, and current professionals to ensure competency in basic biology and cutting-edge knowledge for U.S. and global vector-borne diseases of plants, animals, and humans. With the support of 30+ internationally recognized faculty, we seek to train the next generation of scientists and professionals to think about vector-borne diseases as interconnected pathosystems and help them to develop effective solutions to current and emerging vector-borne disease threats in complex human ecosystems.
Transdisciplinary Research, Education and Dialogue (TRED) Conference
12 - 14 June 2023
In this interactive conference, we will not just discuss inter- and transdisciplinarity, we will also dig deeper into the fundamentals of inter- and transdisciplinary science, create a safe space for dialogue, make time for hands-on explorations of different approaches, and experiment with transdisciplinary processes through mini-hackathons.
June WEES seminar:
Monday 12th June 16.00-17.00h
we would like to invite you to attend June’s Wageningen Evolution & Ecology Seminar (WEES) and Workshop in-person!  The seminar will take place on Monday 12th June, 16.00-17.00 in Orion, C2030. This will be followed by drinks at The Spot and the opportunity to have dinner with the speaker. The associated workshop will be from 14.00-15.30 in Orion, B4015. The workshop gives attendees the opportunity to meet the seminar’s speaker and have a discussion about a hot topic in science. Furthermore, BSc and MSc students can get 1 ECTS for attending 2 workshops. Registration is required for this workshop and you can sign up by emailing Liana Greenberg
Calls open for interactive sessions TRED conference 2023 "Co-creating space for collaborative research and learning to inspire, interact and integrate"
12 - 14 June 2023
We are happy to announce the first TRED (Transdisciplinary Research, Education and Dialogue) conference will take place on June 12-14th, 2023 in Wageningen (the 12th is online). During these three interactive days, we will co-create a space to discuss, experience, and reflect on collaborative research and learning.
TRED conference 2023: Co-creating space for collaborativeresearch
12 - 14 June 2023
We are happy to announce this first TRED conference that will take place on June 12-14th, 2023 in Wageningen (the 12th is online). In this interactive conference, we will not just discuss inter- and transdisciplinarity, we will also dig deeper into the fundamentals of inter- and transdisciplinary science, create a safe space for dialogue, make time for hands-on explorations of different approaches, and experiment with transdisciplinary processes through mini-hackathons.
The Environmental Impact of Food Systems
12 June 2023
This event will take place on the 12th of June, 13:00 -17:30, in Podium Omnia in Wageningen and consists of a segment of six keynote speeches followed by a panel discussion with the private sector led by talk show host Harm Edens. The event will be opened by the president of WUR Sjoukje Heimovaara and aims to inspire the audience to learn more about sustainable food system activities and provides a platform for discussion. Over the course of the day, we invite the audience to think with us about how science can contribute to accelerate the transition toward food systems that respect human and planetary health with the aim to shape our future research agenda.
Young Scientist Travel Grant 2023: Huub and Julienne Spiertz Fund / Broekemafonds (WUR PhD and Postdoc only )
Deadline Friday 15 June 2023
The goal of both the HJS Fund and the Broekemafonds is to encourage young scientists in the field of agrobiology, crop science and plant breeding, with a particular focus on sustainable food production, to at an international level communicate their research findings (e.g. conference) or interact with other scientists (e.g. working visit).
International Conference Ecological Truth & Environmental Research—EcoTER’23
20 - 23 June 2023
The Conference will provide a platform for scientists, industrial experts and practitioners to meet and share the results of innovative research and cutting-edge developments in the fields of ecology, technology, chemical engineering, environmental protection, biology, and environmental management.
SPS Summer School 2023 - Seeds as a keystone for the transition to agroecology
25 June - 1 July 2023
The SPS Summer School 2023 will focus on the challenges of ensuring seed protection while meeting demands for a more environmentally respectful agriculture, reducing risks for humans and maintaining ecosystem health. Sessions will address the genetic and physiological traits required to deal with fluctuating abiotic conditions and ecological communities of commensal and pathogenic microorganisms. Innovative strategies being developed to improve seed quality through plant breeding and post-harvest technologies will be presented and economic and social factors as well as the legal framework for implementation will be considered.
59ᵗʰ Annual Meeting of the Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation
2 - 6 July 2023
The 2023 ATBC annual meeting will be held in Coimbatore, India. They are receiving now calls for symposia (deadline January 15th, 2023).
Active Hope training | towards a Regenerative Culture
Wednesday 5 - Sunday 9 July 2023
This training is specifically interesting for people who feel anxiety around the trajectory the world is moving. In this training the participants will explore their relationship with the living world and themselves allowing for both emotional depth and playfulness.
10th European Symposium on Plant Lipids
9 - 12 July 2023
The European Symposium on Plant Lipids (ESPL) is an international conference, showcasing roles of lipids in Green Life Sciences and Biotechnology. With a history of over 20 years, it is the best and most renown European conference dedicated on plant lipid biology. Among world experts, the latest results in various areas will be discussed, typically involving ~120 scientists from all over the world, including PhD students and post-docs
2023 IS-MPMI Cong​ress
16 - 20 July 2023
The 2023 Congress will start off with a special session focused on emerging threats to crop production in Bangladesh, East Africa, and Brazil and show ways MPMI research is addressing these challenges. The plenary program will then cover major advances made over the last four years in our understanding of molecular plant-microbe interactions, spanning from the structural biology of plant immune receptors to how healthy plant microbiomes are established and maintained, and everything in between.
12th International Congress of Plant Pathology
20 - 25 August 2023
Plant pathologists and plant health researchers from around the world will meet to discuss their latest research as well as current and future issues facing plant health experts. Our host, the French Phytopathological Society, has set an exciting and challenging theme for the congress, “One Health for all plants, crops and trees”. This topic promises to provide a broad platform for talks, posters, and discussions that consider the integral nature of plant health with human, animal and environmental health.
Leafy Vegetable Conference 2023
28 - 31 August 2023
We kindly invite you to the 10th EUCARPIA Leafy Vegetable International Conference, taking place at Utrecht University from August 28 to 31, 2023. This event is part of a series of conferences organized by the European Association for Research on Plant Breeding (EUCARPIA), and welcomes the participation of researchers, practitioners, administrators, professionals, and their organizations.
@ Limits of Life - Dealing with Biofacts, Embryoids and Hybrids – Perspectives from Sciences and Humanities
10 - 15 September 2023
Transgressing the border between the living and the non-living – reshaping organisms’ early development – blurring the boundaries between species: In recent years, life science research has increasingly challenged limits of life that used to be regarded as ineluctable. Exciting new opportunities as well as ethical, legal and societal issues arise, all of which demand comprehensive and critical investigation.
ECE2023 - XII European Congress of Entomology
16 - 20 October 2023
On behalf of the Organizing Committee of the ECE 2023 and the Hellenic Entomological Society, we are delighted to invite entomologists from around the globe to the XII European Congress of Entomology (ECE 2023), which will be held in Heraklion, Crete, on 16-20 October 2023. Deadline for abstract submission is Monday 27 February 2023
5th Global Food Security Conference Towards equitable, sustainable and resilient food systems
9 - 12 April 2024
Join us to discuss developments towards equitable, sustainable and resilient food systems at the 5th Global Food Security Conference. Building on the momentum from the UN Food System Summit and recognizing that the 2030 target year of the Sustainable Development Goals is on the horizon, this 5th Global Food Security Conference will bring together science, business and policy to address this need.Abstracts are invited by 30 June 2023 for talks and posters on the following themes: