PE&RC Office

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Daily responsibility is delegated to the Director of the Graduate School (Prof. Bas Zwaan). He is responsible for the scientific and educational performance of PE&RC and reports to the PE&RC Board and the Executive Board of the Wageningen UR. He is assisted by an executive staff: an executive secretary, three PhD programme coordinators (who jointly deal with the day-to-day management of the Graduate School and represent the Graduate School in formal meetings), and three (part-time) office assistants.

The executive staff consists of:

  • Dr. Theo Jetten (Executive Secretary)
  • Dr. Claudius van de Vijver (PhD Programme Coordinator)
  • Dr. Lennart Suselbeek (PhD Programme Coordinator)
  • Dr. Amber Heijboer MSc (PhD Programme Coordinator)
  • Mrs. Anja Mosselman (office assistant, research and financial issues)
  • Mrs. Jacqueline Verhoef (office assistant, PhD Programme)
  • Mrs. Ann-Marie Ryan (office assistant, PhD Programme)
  • Mrs. Maartje Moerman (office assistant, TSP and TESF Certificates)