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Courses offered by Wageningen Graduate Schools (WGS)

Wageningen Graduate Schools (WGS) offers a variety of courses aimed at all PhD candidates, regardless of the field that they are operating in. These courses comprise of competence strengthening, career building, language as well as facilitating courses. A reduced fee is available for (1) Wageningen PhD candidates with an approved Training and Supervision Plan, and (2) Wageningen postdocs, who are a member of PE&RC, EPS, WASS, VLAG, WIAS, or WIMEK. Generally, the discount is 50% but for more specific information you have to look at the course descriptions as posted on the WGS course website. Although PE&RC PhD candidates of our other partner institutes cannot participate in these courses for the reduced fee, all WGS are open to them as well. Click here for the WGS courses and activities that are currently on offer.

Wageningen Graduate School Lunch Workshop for PhD Supervisors

Wageningen Graduate Schools (WGS) is giving a Workshop on Recognition of Stress Signals in PhD Candidates ; Work pressure, stress and burn-outs. These are serious problems which some of our PhD candidates are facing. In this workshop we want to address this issue and discuss with you how we can recognise stress signals in PhD candidates timely and what we can do to handle and minimise unhealthy stress in PhD candidates.

Wageningen Graduate School Lunch Workshop for PhDs

Wageningen Graduate Schools (WGS) is giving a Workshop on the go /no go decision in the first part of the PhD trajectory is a mandatory and formal evaluation by the supervisors. With a go decision, the supervisors express their confidence that the PhD candidate will be able to obtain the PhD degree. In this workshop we would like to discuss the various steps that supervisors have to take in order to assure a transparent and a just go/ no go decision.

Wageningen University Library

Wageningen University Library offers training programmes available to students, PhD students and researchers. Courses, demos and workshops are offered on a regular basis, depending on the number of participants. Often, participation is free  Click here to see what is currently on offer.

Wageningen Writing Lab

Coached by a peer-tutor, you can improve your writing skills and learn to apply new strategies. You will find us in the library of the Forum building on Wageningen University Campus. Click here for more information. 

Courses offered by Educational Staff Development

These courses focus on teaching skills and may only partly be open to employees of Wageningen University & Research. There is also one course specifically for PhD candidates who want to explore the art of teaching within university settings. More information and application for these courses can be found here