Registration at PE&RC

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Registration at PE&RC

New PhD candidates or their supervisors are asked to fill in the PE&RC PhD registration form. The PhD supervisor (or the PhD candidate with the supervisor in CC) should send the form to the PE&RC Office

The latest version of this form can be found here.

The information contained in this form is required to register PhD candidates in the PE&RC PhD system and, for those defending their thesis at Wageningen University, in the WU PhD system PROMIS. It is strongly encouraged that this form is submitted to the graduate school prior to the start of the project and/or the arrival of the candidate in the Netherlands. Accordingly, the PhD candidate will be invited by Lennart or Claudius for an intake meeting, and he/she will (if requested) be linked to a buddy to help smoothen his/her acclimatisation to the Netherlands.

For PhD candidates that will defend their thesis at Wageningen University, a number of specific documents need to be sent along with the PE&RC PhD registration form. The documents that need to be submitted depend on the background of the prospective PhD candidate, and should become clear from the following checklist:

Documentation checklist for PhD candidates defending their thesis at Wageningen University

To be able to register PhD candidates that will defend their thesis at Wageningen University, the following documentation (in PDF format) is needed. These documents need to be submitted to PE&RC prior to the start of the PhD project and together with this PE&RC PhD registration form. If the documentation is not complete, we cannot register the new PhD candidate in The PhD registration system of Wageningen University (PROMIS). The reason for this is that these documents are needed to evaluate the entry requirements of Wageningen University for PhD candidates, which need to be met prior to the start of the PhD project. Note that registration in PROMIS is necessary to be eligible for support in finding housing and obtaining a residence permit.

  1. A PDF scan of the passport of the candidate (or ID-card in case of Dutch nationality)
  2. With regards to diplomas:
    1. In case a candidate has an MSc degree from Wageningen University: the date of the MSc diploma.
    2. In case a candidate has an MSc degree from another Dutch University: a PDF scan of the MSc diploma.
    3. In case a candidate has an MSc degree from a non-Dutch University: a PDF scan of BSc and MSc diplomas, and a list of grades (transcript) for both degrees. (Note: if not in English, Dutch, French, German, Spanish or Afrikaans, an official translation of all documents is required besides the scans of the originals)
    4. In case a candidate has obtained its BSc / MSc degrees in China: see the scheme below:
      Undergraduate level (Bachelor): 本科程度
      - Undergraduate diploma 本科毕业证书
      - Bachelor degree certificate 学士学位证书
      - Transcript of undergraduate program 本科成绩单
      - Notarial deed  /  official translation 公证书  /  译文
      Graduate level (Master): 硕士程度
      - Master diploma 研究生毕业证书
      - Master degree certificate 硕士学位证书
      - Transcript of Master program 研究生成绩单
      - Notarial deed  /  official translation 公证书  /  译文
    5. In case the candidate has no MSc degree, or the MSc degree does not allow admission to the PhD programme, other relevant higher educational diplomas and/or proof of expertise must be presented.
  3. With regards to a proof of proficiency in the English language 1:
    1. In case the candidate 1) is Dutch, 2) is a native English speaking candidate from the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada (except Quebec), Australia or New Zealand, or 3) can prove that the language of instruction in his/her MSc was completely in English, a proof of proficiency in the English Language is not needed.
    2. In all other cases, Wageningen University requires you to submit an internationally recognised Certificate of Proficiency in the English Language that is less than 2 years old at the moment of application.
      Minimum required scores are:
      TOEFL: Internet-based 90, with minimum sub-score 20 for speaking
      IELTS:   Overall score of at least 6.5, with minimum sub-score 6.0 for speaking
      CAE:     Cambridge Certificate of Advanced English, minimum grade C
      CPE:     Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English, any grade
      RATEr:  Local test at Wageningen University. More details about this test and the minimum requirements can be found here.

    1 In a situation where the promotor has reason(s) to allow a PhD candidate, who has not yet met the English language requirements, to come to Wageningen, (s)he must write a letter directed to the Dean of Research to motivate the reason(s). This letter must accompany the before-mentioned PhD registration documents. If the Dean of Research approves the request, the candidate has three months to meet the proficiency requirements. To facilitate this, Wageningen In’to Languages offers an intensive English language course that ends with a RATEr test (see:

Please note that without the complete set of documents, new PhD candidates cannot be registered in the PhD registration system of Wageningen University. Also note that only PDF documents are accepted (so no jpg files or word documents). In case of doubt or questions, please contact

Provisional admission to the graduate school

After successfully completing the registration procedure, the candidate is provisionally admitted to PE&RC. Full admission to PE&RC only occurs once the PhD candidate has an approved project proposal and Training and Supervision Plan (TSP), and has received a formal GO Decision from his supervisors. Since some PhD candidates coming from abroad need a proof of provisional admittance to the graduate school in order to qualify for a research grant or fellowship, the prospective supervisor of the PhD candidate is asked to send a request for provisional admittance together with a preliminary project proposal, a C.V. of the PhD candidate, and information regarding funding of the project to the PE&RC office. PE&RC will then assess these documents and in case of approval, the graduate school will send a letter of provisional admittance to the PhD candidate and his/her provisional supervisor.