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Agent-based modelling with NetLogo
Monday 26 - Friday 30 August 2019
The agent-based modelling course for beginners will take place at the Forestry Faculty at the University of Göttingen in Germany.
The ALTER-Net Summer School
Wednesday 21 - Saturday 31 August 2019
Open to graduate and post-graduate scientists, as well as professionals in related fields, the ALTER-Net Summer School provides an innovative atmosphere for thinking about and resolving the sustainability challenges that society is currently facing. The Summer School aims at contributing to the integration and spread of scientific excellence within and beyond our network--with a special emphasis on promoting interdisciplinary approaches.
Summer School 2019: Transformative Human-Environment Research & Participatory Methods: From Co-production to Co-producing
Monday 16 – Saturday 21 September 2019
Human-environment research is the interdisciplinary study of how humans live in, affect, govern, reflect upon and perceive their natural environment, and how, in turn, that environment supports or constrains human life and culture. Researchers are increasingly mandated to engage more actively with politics and the plurality of epistemologies and perspectives on these challenges that exist in society. So, how may human-environment research take an active role in transformative research for and with society? This is the overall question for this summer school which will be addressed by applying science and technology studies (STS) and political ecology perspectives to participants’ own cases as well as getting first hands-on experience with transdisciplinary research methods.
Summerschool Measuring and Modelling gaseous emissions from livestock systems
Tuesday 17 - 20 September 2019
The interdisciplinary training school provides hands-on training in measuring and modelling such sources and transmissions. Common measurement methods, conventional and emerging data analysis approaches as well as emission flow modelling techniques will be presented and discussed by experienced scientists from European and international institutions.
Developing my Research Vision
Thursday 17-10-2019 | Thursday 12-12-2019
This course is for postdocs and junior tenure track staff who wish to stay in science and must work on developing, formulating and communicating their personal research vision. In addition to developing your research vision, you will learn to effectively communicate your vision. By clearly explaining why you do what you do, you bring both yourself and your research in the limelight. You will feel much more confident when presenting to the tenure track committee, at conferences, in (social) media, and to cooperation partners.