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Land System Science
Sunday 27 August - Friday 1 September 2017
During this summer school you will develop an integrated understanding of land system science and landscape assessment. Also, you learn to use state-of the-art data, tools, and models for spatial analyses as well as improve your ability to build strong connections between scientific understanding and the communities of practice and policy that govern and manage the use of land.
IALE-Europe PhD Course - From pattern and process to people and action
Sunday 10 September - Tuesday 19 September 2017
The course is linked with the IALE 2017 European congress in Ghent. During the course, the participants will have the opportunity to reflect on their PhD research with the wider landscape ecological thinking by interacting with young and notably senior researchers. The course will be organised as a mixture of lectures, feedback on students’ papers, time for discussion as well as a field trip to explore the area of the PhD course.
Research Methodology: From topic to proposal
Monday 18 September 2017 - Friday 3 November 2017
The aim of this course is to offer insight into the process of (getting started with) research and the methodological pitfalls you may encounter between formulating a research problem and writing a scientific paper. This course addresses research design and methodological issues for quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods strategies.
Quantitative Ecology (Module for Master students & PhD candidates)
October 2017 - January 2018
The University of South Bohemia (Czech Republic), organizes a semester for Master and PhD students aiming to learn updated concepts and methodologies for Quantitative Ecology studies. Practical courses (using CANOCO, R etc.) will be complemented with a theoretical ecological background.
Integration of gender & diversity in your own research
Tuesday 3 October - Tuesday 24 October 2017
This course enables the participants to find out and apply how gender (& diversity) can be meaningfully integrated in their own research.
Transformation: Food systems, agroecology, and the web of life
Monday 16 October - Friday 20 October 2017
The aim of this course is to explore food and agricultural systems from a social, cultural, and ecological perspective. This course will emphasize transformative, transdisciplinary systems research and sustainability science.
PhD-course: Cocoa and Coffee in a Changing Climate
Monday 13 November - Saturday 18 November 2017
This PhD course will cover biophysical as well as socio-economic aspects of the impacts of and responses to climate changes in the cocoa and coffee sectors. The aim of this course is to provide PhD students with state-of-the-art knowledge on cocoa and coffee in a changing climate and caters to PhD students working with climate change and agriculture from a natural science as well as a social science perspective.
MOOC - Landscape Restoration for Sustainable Development: a Business Approach
Sunday 31 December 2017
This online course is specifically geared towards the nexus of landscapes and business. Commonland, together with the Rotterdam School of Management, Estoril Conferences, CSIC and UN’s Land Restoration Training Programme, has taken the initiative to develop this course. This consortium, known as ENABLE - the European Network for the Advancement of Business and Landscape Education - aims to educate the next generation of business leaders with an ecosystems’ view, ready to include landscape-related issues in their decision-making processes, thus making businesses more sustainable and a force for good.