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MOOC - Landscape Restoration for Sustainable Development: a Business Approach
Sunday 31 December 2017
This online course is specifically geared towards the nexus of landscapes and business. Commonland, together with the Rotterdam School of Management, Estoril Conferences, CSIC and UN’s Land Restoration Training Programme, has taken the initiative to develop this course. This consortium, known as ENABLE - the European Network for the Advancement of Business and Landscape Education - aims to educate the next generation of business leaders with an ecosystems’ view, ready to include landscape-related issues in their decision-making processes, thus making businesses more sustainable and a force for good.
PhD course Legal Clinic for your PhD
Monday 8 January and Friday 16 February 2018
This course offers the opportunity for PhD students to discover and analyse any legal issues that they may come across in their respective topics.
Course Practical Modelling for Biologists
Monday 26 February - Friday 16 March 2018
The course Practical Modelling for Biologists gives hands-on experience in modelling, focussing on simulation techniques, slightly rooted in marine systems but for a large part just general modelling topic (with a slight bias to ecology). It is open to MSc and PhD students who want to take their first steps into modelling.
Summer school: Exploring climate change challenges and solutions in the real world: from research to practice
Monday 21 - Friday 25 May 2018
The aim of this summer school is to introduce IMPRESSIONS methods and tools so as to demonstrate their applications through studying the impacts of climate change and socio-economic changes in Bulgarian mountains and rural communities. Deadline applications is 30 NOVEMBER 2017 instead of 30 September 2017.