PE&RC Research Committee

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The Research Committee advises the PE&RC Board on matters concerning research; the PE&RC Board is responsible for the functioning and performance of the Graduate School but the Board has mandated the Research Committee to take decisions on certain matters (ex post approval).

The main objectives of the committee are:

  • to safeguard quality of research within the Graduate School;
  • to stimulate strategic alliances between chairs for interdisciplinary research and thus support and strengthen a more coherent overall research network;
  • to evaluate research proposals submitted by PE&RC participants in the context of calls for proposals (e.g. strategic PhD/postdoc or visiting scientist calls);
  • to initiate proposals with respect to future or ongoing cooperation.

The Research Committee is composed of senior PE&RC research staff, the Director PE&RC and representatives of the PE&RC PhD Council. Furthermore, the executive secretary and PhD programme coordinators are advisors to the committee. On average the committee meets 2-3 times a year. These meetings are prepared by the director and executive secretary of PE&RC. The director chairs the meetings.

Current members of the committee:

  • Prof. Bas Zwaan (WUR, Director PE&RC, Chair)
  • Prof. Martijn Bezemer (NIOO, Staff)
  • Prof. Martin van Ittersum (WUR, Staff)
  • Prof. Hans ter Steege (Naturalis, Staff)
  • Prof. Jakob Wallinga (WUR, Staff)
  • Giel Goertz (WUR, PhD)
  • Thijs Frenken (NIOO, PhD)