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PE&RC encompasses 21 research groups (belonging to three Science Groups) of Wageningen University. Members of these research groups (tenured staff, postdocs and PhD candidates) are represented in the various committees and the Board of PE&RC.

Participating research groups
Plant sciences  
Research Group Chair holder(s) (full professor)
Biosystematics Eric Schranz
Centre for Crop Systems Analysis (CSA)  
     Crop and Weed Ecology Niels Anten
     Crop Physiology Jochem Evers
Laboratory of Entomology (ENT) Marcel Dicke
Agricultural Biosystems Engineering (ABE) Peter Groot Koerkamp
Farming Systems Ecology (FSE) Hannah van Zanten / Rogier Schulte
Laboratory of Genetics (GEN) Bas Zwaan
Horticulture and Product Physiology (HPP) Leo Marcelis
Mathematical and Statistical Methods Fred van Eeuwijk / Peter van Heijster
Laboratory of Nematology (NEM) Geert Smant
Plant Production Systems (PPS) Katrien Descheemaeker
Plant Breeding (PBR) Richard Visser
Laboratory of Virology (VIR) Monique van Oers
Environmental sciences  
Research Group Chair holder(s) (full professor)
Forest Ecology and Forest Management (FEM) Douglas Sheil
Laboratory of Geo-information Science and Remote Sensing (GRS)  
     Geo-information Science Alexander Klippel
     Remote Sensing Kirsten de Beurs
Plant Ecology and Nature Conservation (PEN) David Kleijn
Wildlife Ecology and Conservation (WEC) Frank van Langevelde
Soil Biology (SBL) Rachel Creamer
Soil Geography and Landscape (SGL) Jakob Wallinga
Soil Physics and Land Management (SLM) Coen Ritsema
Animal Sciences  
Research Group Chair holder(s) (full professor)
Behavioural Ecology (BHE) Marc Naguib