FLOP: Frontier Literature in Plant Physiology

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We discuss primarily manuscripts, project proposals, or detailed experimental plans from one of the PhD students participating in the group. In exceptional cases a recently published paper relevant to several of the participants may be discussed. One of the participants (typically your turn once per year) brings in a manuscript and sends it to all of us at least one week in advance. In our 1-h monthly meeting, the meeting starts with a 5 minute oral introduction (main points) by this participant (no powerpoint). Then we discuss its contents based on questions such as:

Is the title/abstract reflecting the content of the paper, is the aim clear and are the experiments fitting with the aim?

Are methods all clear? Is the (statistical) analysis correct?

Are conclusions supported by the data?

Our main aim is to improve our publication skills. Furthermore, in this way we learn more about the work of our colleague PhD candidates in the fields of whole plant physiology, crop physiology, crop ecology and product physiology. Information on how to review a scientific paper can be found in many places, e.g. https://www.arrs.org/uploadedfiles/arrs/publications/manuscriptreviewgui....

A meeting (including preparation) typically would take 4 hours. We organise 9-10 meetings per year of which you are expected to actively participate in 8. If you are interested to participate in the FLOP discussion group, please send an e-mail to Dr. Ep Heuvelink or Dr. Wim van Ieperen.