Biodiversity in Agroecosystems discussion group

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Biodiversity in Agroecosystems

This discussion group aims to bring together researchers in order to explore biodiversity and its connection and embedding in agroecosystems.  Specifically, we intend to promote discussion on how multidisciplinary approaches can help conserve or even enhance biodiversity of agroecosystems. We will explore together the role of biodiversity across topics such as agroecology, sustainable diets, ecosystem services and evolution. Meetings will occur once a month in hybrid form. The physical meeting point of the group will be on WUR campus, to be specified by the meeting organizers.

 The meetings will be organized and facilitated by two rotating group members. Discussions will be based on a paper/article/policy that is shared in advance with the group participants. Other activities include presentations of members and seminars given by invited experts. Field trips will be planned based on suggestions of members.

 To register please fill in the form Please email Felipe (, Carolina ( and Wendy ( if you have any questions.