Emissions and Nutrient Management Discussion Group

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Emissions and Nutrient Management group
Agriculture is responsible for the emissions of a vast majority of nitrous oxide (N2O), ammonia (NH3) and nitric oxide (NO), methane (CH4) as well as leaching or run-off of nitrate (NO3-) which all have severe consequences for climate and the environment. Therefore, nutrient management and emissions control play a pivotal role in countering these emissions and the consequences they have.

The discussion group ‘Emissions and nutrient management’ aims to organise monthly meetings focussing on amongst other:

  •  Nutrient/manure management in livestock housing, transport, application and crop uptake;
  •  Assess, control and mitigate of emissions from livestock sector to air, water and soil;
  •  Nitrogen and carbon cycle efficiency;
  •  Emission sources from agriculture including enteric fermentation (CH4), manure (NH3, NOx, non-methane volatile organic compounds [NMVOC], N2O, PM10 and PM2.5), soil (NH3, NOx, N2O, NMVOC, PM10 and PM2.5) and liming (CO2);
  •  Surveys, guidelines, protocols and agreements concerning environmental aspects including, NEC,   IPCC, Gothenburg protocol, Kyoto protocol and Paris agreement;
  • Approach, methods and techniques for emission measurement and abatement;

The aim of the discussion group will be to:

  •  Obtain state-of-the-art knowledge and information regarding emission and manure/nutrient management;
  •  Discuss the recently published papers by members or relevant papers around the world;
  •  Develop the aspects/quality of methods related to nutrient/manure management;
  •  Provide an opportunity for members to present their research to obtain presenting skills and to receive productive inputs by world leading researcher


To join, please send an email to peyman.neysari@wur.nl .